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Video Chat/Sexting fun with other couples

November 14 2023

We recently had an experience online with another couple; it was very fun and sexy! We are big into watching and being watched are we weird or are there others?


  • Mr_Interested


    8 months ago

    My wife is interested in voyeurism too. Would love to know the logistics of how you set it up. Did you watch each other seperately of both play at the same time? Did you watch on a laptop or on a big TV? Was it a distraction for any of those involved?

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    It sounds like fun!!!!
    How did you coordinate it ?
    Like watch when caught in the moment.
    I guess seeing someone else being intimately satisfied is a turn in.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    8 months ago

    No, not weird.
    There's hundreds that go into the chat rooms on here.

    Ms Foxy

  • Sawadee


    8 months ago

    We have watched and been watched.. just not in chat rooms.. l think we all have voyeuristic tendencies to a degree just a human curiosity trait... Meercats not included.

  • CLATsacouple


    8 months ago

    Would love to chat to more people into being watched.. would love to chat

  • naughty_fucks1


    7 months ago

    No this is the biggest turn on for us personally and would love to do it with you guys if your keen?

  • Partywithmywife


    4 months ago

    Not video but I've played with my wife a couple of times as she had phone sex with some random guys. So bloody hot and can't wait for the next time. We just need some phone numbers! ;)

  • Djrw9170


    4 months ago

    As part of our journey, we put videos on a porn site. We lucked out because the first one we looked at was the only one we have found (in our small search) that does not try to pay us. We want to be watched and nothing more so not being paid is extremely important to us.

    The idea of video chat as a way to connect to voyeurs sounds like a lot of fun but we'd never thought about it, so glad to have dropped in to the forums on a whim, what a great idea. Now just to work out the logistics of how it will work.

  • Rosekiki


    2 months ago

    Love watching / being watched

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 months ago

    Would love to hear some more ☺️

  • ram0122


    15 days ago

    My wife & I love watching & being watched. It's great fun.