Unsolicited nudes from women

February 07 2024

We always hear how women receive unsolicited cock pics from men.
Men, how do you respond to unsolicited nudes from a woman?
I'm curious!

Is it a Red Flag Or are you ok receiving them?
Do you keep and admire?
Go to pound town?
Say thank you, so you dont ruined it for the rest of the males?
Do you assume she's sending the pic to everyone?
Do you ask for more?
Do you report/delete it and move on?
Do you brag and show your mates?

Go on tell me, I know you want too.

Ms Foxy


  • Alexis


    14 days ago

    I was reading a reddit thread on this very subject today.

    The most common answer, assume it is a guy and ignore him.

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    14 days ago

    Foxxy my dear, you DO know that the chances of a guy here receiving such a pic that is both unsolicited and NOT from a fake are lower than the chances of being struck by lightning.

    I reckon the reaction would be rather similar. 🤣

  • Lostyanumber


    14 days ago

    It has happened. I've been a bit surprised and I've actually been a smart arse in reply to explicit flap snaps.
    'Were you born with that or did you get it in Bangkok?'

  • 2ofus4680


    14 days ago

    We have received many unwanted pics and private album access, mainly by couples with a lot of unwanted pics of the wives. We state clearly on our profile we are only looking for straight men for MFM fun and still get them wanting to wife swap etc. We just reply with a thanks but no thanks pretty much. The thing we often laugh at is if we click on their profile, the description is usually pretty abrupt in people not reading what they want and messaging them anyway….

  • FeistyFatty


    13 days ago

    Foxxy 🦊... You been scatterbombing your flapsnaps again? 😜

  • RagnarPrime


    13 days ago

    In terms of unsolicited - no, never have done. I don't think it's part of the typical female mating ritual to promote the beef curtains.

    When the chat has progressed then a girl may open up her gallery which includes close ups of said growler and back passage.

    It's then entirely down yours truly if a gander at the butchers bin is desirable.

    I won't care for a preview of the pink catflap should the grey matter be of sufficient value.

  • Enjoyachat


    13 days ago

    Not that it ever happens but if I did receive unsolicited nudes from I woman I would be immediately suspicious that she is a fake. I’d still enjoy the pics of course but I’d definitely be thinking this is too good to be true.

  • Flirty2020


    13 days ago

    On those occasions that we have received explicit unsolicited photos from a “female” it has turned out (after further investigation) to be a male posing as a female.

    With regards receiving unsolicited photos from a couple (of the females vagina etc) it has turned out to mostly be the male of the couple (if they really are a couple) doing the posting.

    Either way it is a red flag for us, if we receive unsolicited photos upfront and without first chatting etc

  • NicaDean


    13 days ago

    *checks calendar*

    Nope it's not April 1st...🤔

  • Libertine001


    13 days ago

    Did Thor not respond to your flap snaps?

    I like your thinking though, outside of the box.


  • Sawadee


    13 days ago

    Very little, about 3 or 4 in 8 years .. as a guest ' it's expected...

  • Straight_Shooter


    13 days ago

    Well Foxy here's my take. Like most of the other guys said, totally out of the blue pics are an instant red flag of a fake profile. Especially if not verrifed. Especially x2 if they've got Sugar Dating anywhere on the profile. So it's a pretty easy ignore from me. Say it's not a fake profile and they send it out unsolicited. Well then it comes across as "i send this to everyone." Depending on the vibe, it can come across as easy or a bit desprate. On the other hand, it could be genuine confidence.

    I guess all up, I don't think there are too many pics of womens bodys that arent gonna make a guy pause and admire it. That said, it's usually a case of Buyer Beware. 🤷‍♂️

  • Sensualnewbies


    13 days ago

    We have no problem with it & are a welcomed treat. Nudity is beautiful in all shapes & sizes to be admired. I wouldn’t expect ppl to
    Masturbate to them honestly porn is everyware & easily accessible. Merely to answer the question I wonder what she looks like nude 🙃🙃

  • Kervan


    13 days ago

    We have received some unsolicited nudes pics... and our reaction is .... naah. Fake

  • oil_beef_hooked


    13 days ago

    I have received unsolicited flap snaps before and they haven’t been particularly attractive. I’m much more attracted to a nice boobs or bum picture than a gaping vagina

    It’s a polite no thanks from me

  • ladylover


    13 days ago

    I actually got a warning for sending them!

  • Leisho15


    11 days ago

    I don't really care,I like the pics. What grates me is all the shit they write down wanting or they do and that's it.no one what's to have an icebreaker or very rare. Sadly I haven't been successful here and don't think I ever will. I think alot of cat fishing goes on, faaarken responses what are they? You can't even have a conversation. No replies,sorry rarely get a reply. Have we lost our common decency to acknowledge a hi! Hello,interested? I'm confused!?!?!? sorry disheartened by it all..So pics they have their purpose but it's the why,who,what when where questions that are more important and if your not interested in a person tell them straight away,yes no sorry, im sure we all here can spell them words. Please lets all show a little respect,common decency and goodness surely we 'ALL'l deserve it.

  • Dann_May


    11 days ago

    Would I be correct in saying that mainly couples would be in the line of fire to receive an unsolicited pic, then a single male 🤔 🤷‍♂️
    To answer your original question... how would I feel if I received an unsolicited pic from a female 🤔
    TBH, not straight away. I need a connection with the person, an attraction before all clothes are removed & her wealthy treasures are revealed 😏
    I love the hunt, the anticipation, not just being thrown the evidence and diving straight in. That's no fun. That's desperation in my eyes.
    Just my opinion and observations ☺️🙃🙃🙏

  • Notice_Me


    11 days ago

    Ladies don't forget surprise nudes are flowers for men, Happy Valentines Day.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    9 days ago

    Never. If fact it’s hard to have your message read in the first place let alone get a reply. Haha

  • BellaNJohnny


    8 days ago

    Lol I have sent these before 🤷🏼‍♀️ I would get a good reaction ...as far as I'm aware lol. Surely many more girls do this too?

  • funfriend69


    2 days ago

    I personally never complain and if I like what I see it’s a good starting point

  • Therockguy


    18 hours ago

    My personal experience, I'll share a story about, well, not so much unsolicited vagina pics, but this girl and i both agreed to send solicited pics as our conversation was going well. Prior to sending she said she "needed a 9 inch cock" unbeknown to her I nearly fell off my chair and i stated, like in a salesmans pitch that I don't mean to disappoint but I can offer about 7.5 inches with some girth. After sending my solicited dick pics, clean shaven where i proudly think yeh it's a well-endowed dick pic she said she "may be able to work with that". Well, didn't that make me feel good, yeh, thanks, i thought. Still, my pride was in tact. She sent her vagina pics. Ah, I now know why you need 9 inches i said aloud...to myself. Amongst the unshaven vagina and i mean forest like, flaps hanging out like they needed a breather from all the work they have endured, which I understand this can happen, but I now know what women mean when some say that some dicks are ugly and are not always good to look at, well, this vagina was not good to look at and I politely said thanks but not thanks and in an instant 7.5 inches felt like 5. I was turned off because I know most women look after themselves and do their gardening, and while I don't expect a perfectly maintained garden, presentation is key. @MsSuperFoxy, no, I didn't admire, and no, i certainly didn't go to pound town, not on this occasion anyway. 😉
    I now have to look forward to my next experience which is very rare for women to send vagina pics, but I live in hope that any future vagina pics offer a more serene like view that would have me going to pound town. I'll keep you posted MsSuperFoxy for the next part of my mini series.