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November 02 2023

Do many females prefer their male partners to use a toy on the female rather than use it themselves


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  • FeistyFatty

    26 days ago

    I just enjoy toys full stop..... DIY or contracted out, it's all good 🙌

  • aud11

    25 days ago

    I prefer my man to use it on me instead of using it myself

  • MrandMrsEss

    24 days ago

    Both ways is great but I find it highly erotic watching her when she takes control and then she can use them exactly how she likes. If she wants me in control then she prefers what my tongue and tool can do but then there’s always using both :)

  • EarthQueen

    24 days ago

    Not so much. Prefer DIY.

  • aud11

    22 days ago

    @MrandMrsEss Can you pm me

  • Nevertheless23

    9 days ago

    Aud11.. ohhh dam...

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