Slutty Confessions #69

October 03 2023

slutty confessions #69
Went to the club today. Saw this guy on the dancefloor I liked. He grinded his dick on my butt. Next thing I know I was sucking him off in the club’s toilet.

And then while walking back to my car. I saw this guy following me. He was my type. We got in the car and I sucked him off too, he tried to fuck me in the car but anyone who has done it in a small car know that it’s not the best for “navigating” certain positions.

The last dick I sucked last night was on the apps. After the second guy left my car, I was still feeling horny so I picked the nearest guy at a hotel where I parked and went to his hotel room and let him fuck my ass. He said my ass was too tight and it made him cum with four pumps.

I went home last night STILL not satisfied. 🙈


  • Obi1kenietzsche


    5 months ago

    I once fucked a sock.
    And one time I ate an apple in the afternoon.
    Yesterday I thought I was ….. oh look! … a bunny!

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    5 months ago

    And yes, Rachypants, that IS your line, but I thought it appropriate under the circumstances.

  • Libertine001


    5 months ago

    Is this a hard luck story?


  • Oneforu


    5 months ago

    And then??

  • FeistyFatty

  • MsSuperFoxy


    5 months ago

    Four pumps!
    What a dissapointment.
    I guess it's better than 2 or 3 pumps.

    Ms Foxy

  • Calm69


    4 months ago


  • Curious2keen


    4 months ago

    @naughtyasain you make walking back to the car sound sexy.