Sexual Era's. What era are you in?

March 21 2024

I thought this might be a fun topic. In honour of Taylor's recent tour lets chat about sexual era's.

What era are you in? Mine is pretty basic but feel free to get creative and give yours names as per the eras tour.

Late Teens - Exploratory but absolutely centering mens need era. Poor younger me.
20's -30's married era. Satisfying, but vanilla. Monogomy.
40's slut era.
Late 40's /early 50's younger man era.
52 till now- Longest period of celibacy of my life era. Necessary, but she's getting a bit bored.

Looking forward to the next era.

How about you?


  • RachWandered


    19 days ago

    Slutty 40s …

  • MsSuperFoxy


    19 days ago

    1. " Lover" Era: bonking like rabbits with lovers.
    2. " Fearless" Era: Discovered "I don't give a shit" during my teens and continues through to this very day.
    3. " evermore" Era: I am forever grateful and blessed for all my lovers.
    4. " reputation" Era: Not phased what anyone thinks.
    5. " Speak Now" Era: Discovered the forums. LOL!
    6. " Red" Era: When I became a woman and discovered Red lipstick.
    7. " folklore" Era: Hippy side, love everyone and welcomed all my fantasies.
    8. " 1989" Era: Lost my viginity this year.

    Ms Foxy

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    19 days ago

    Sexy and slutty 40s for me. Quit smoking, not drinking no way near as much as I used to, gym 4-5 times a week....working on being a better version of myself, trying to get as much sex as possible!

  • Alexis


    19 days ago

    Experimental 30’s.

    Catching up on lost time in my twenties.

  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    18 days ago

    The 'can't be fucked' era, otherwise known as the 'can't be bothered era' by polite folk
    I live in hope that it changes.

  • kit_03


    18 days ago

    Middle/late teens - many ONS. Lost count.
    Early 20s - thought I had found the love of my life (not a vanilla period).
    Mid/Late 20s - living overseas, living my best life working, partying, sleeping my way through London and Europe.
    30s to late 30s - Settled in monogamy. Had a child.
    Late 30s - Single mum, lost a lot of weight, starting dating, introduced to the lifestyle/scene. Found like-minded people in the lifestyle/scene.
    40s to mid 40s - living my most authentic life, loving myself & everyone and loving every minute 💋

  • boobsandbusted


    16 days ago

    We are in the yawning by 2 am era doesn’t matter what’s going on 2 am that’s it let’s go home era