Seeking Guy str8 or bi (makes no difference) but what counts as bonus (read below).

October 31 2023

Everyone is looking around for their ideal intimate,romantic liason, erotic partner to share A good time with, a few rendevous and for some ,something ideally regularly, but no strings and no possesiveness either ,safe sex .. beginners should do some research before trying to strike up a chat with lgbT-folks, only an observation of mine, more often those intent but not savvy to the wonders of what lay ahead of them (trans Umbrella varieties of indentifying peoples ) often make simple honest faux pas ,that can leave both parties embarrassed, lost to a verbal vacuum left over from inability to converse politely/flirty without delving into details that are either personal or simply NUNYA biz..
As for me i try to keep it simple,remain alert to (guiding advice -red flags), non enchanting behaviour and of course When I find myself exchanging verbal dialogue with someone capable of decency,respect and a modicum of confident swagger , then Naturally in an essential manner reciprocate accordingly, progressing through each positive step with view to meet and whatever may be moving forward .. so what are some themes or criterion do i seek in Guys,ladies or whomever else (i'm openly bi) But i don't brag about it.. Simply wish to meet a guy thats more guyish (than gayish) and/or a woman that exudes femininity as opposed to a (sorry for labels) butch dyke,tomboy bruiser.. Geez Now I'm asking too much am I not? not really there are plenty of wonderfully smart,adept and charismatic people that meet these minimums i seek , over the years Ive met quite a nice bunch of folks that became intimate or eventually resolved into great friendships of various values.. So I remain positive for whom I seek..Its not so much a question put to an audience as this is also a personalised guide to relevant audience.. thanks for reading and hope to hear/read correspondence and replies ..


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  • wanderlustQLD

    29 days ago

    I like your use of the phrase "non enchanting behaviour" :)

  • Mr_Interested

    28 days ago

    I agree with your comments. Many hold fantasy level expectations and show little tolerance for normal people.

  • WaChick

    26 days ago

    Haha nunya!

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