Recent Fantasies

November 27 2023

Recently, I've been having a couple of fantasies play out in my head. The first one is meeting someone at the gym, we work out together and take things a little closer, i.e. rubbing, bending in front of each other and a little touch here and there. We eventually take this to either the changing room or one of our cars where we screw each other's brains out. The other is screwing each other on bush hike. Me behind you while you're bent over the railing facing the lookout views or bent over a rock/log or even in a little lagoon. Maybe one day these will come true but for now they live rent free in my head. What's been your recent fantasies lately?


  • RHP User

    RHP User

    3 months ago

    I had this horrible little thought and it made me double over in disgust initially but then the filthy warmth of pure shame arose…

    …triple pineapple and pepperoni 🍕 😵

    I wouldn’t even put the box in the outside bin, I’d burn it in the neighbours garden under some cat excrement so nobody is the wiser.

  • fun2behere


    3 months ago

    wow. I now feel so lucky I have done both of those. Wish you well my friend

  • peter196921


    3 months ago

    I have a fantasies, I meeting a nice couple, when we go back to there place we slowly remove each others cloths off, then the lady ask if she could sit on my face, while I am enjoying myself I feel the other half playing with my cock and sucking it, thus leads into more fun with the lady taking control

  • Shellbicouple


    2 months ago

    Love both of these scenarios. If you were bi.