Profile Bio’s - love or hate ?

November 16 2023

Do you enjoy a well written bio and the profile lingo about the person or couple as much as the pics. I find the bio and its depth of words and intrigue plays into the whole profile and I like reading what people want, like or are searching for !!

Thoughts and comments ?


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  • MsSuperFoxy

    13 days ago

    That's what Bio's are for aren't they.
    The introductory, intriguing, and wanting more.
    Its simple really: f there's no effort put into a profile, there will be no effort put in towards me.

    Ms Foxy

  • Mr_Interested

    13 days ago

    @MsSuperFoxy Totally agree. A well written bio is a turn on.

  • zeitgeist

    13 days ago

    I generally think people that don’t write a bio are bots.

  • YouTarzanMeJane

    13 days ago

    I love a well written bio. Shows me they have something between their ears. Gives me a better idea of if we're going to be compatible.

  • MersennePrime

    9 days ago

    It's fucking great to get an insight into how intelligent or self-aware people think about connecting.

    It does depend on how you view sex; transactional fuck or depth of connection. That'll determine the composition of your sales pitch.

  • 52ShadesOfGrey

    7 days ago

    I find it uninteresting and simply scroll on if there is wonderful pics, matching info but zero explanation of who, what or where.

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