Private parties, hit or miss

July 09 2021

Pre Covid when we could actually have close contact fun without the use of a face mask or the fear of being put into quarantine I use to attend and occasionally host small intimate private parties 3-4 couples for like minded people.

Question I ask, is how often do people find the dynamic of a small party actually works ?

Either one couple doesn’t show, the male partner shows but his Supposed wife is last minute unavailable, pics dont match the profile and finally only one person of the couple actually wants to be there.

Don’t get me wrong for me this has been probably a 50-50 experience of hit and miss and when it’s good it’s really good and when it’s bad its ordinary lol

Is this just bad planning on my behalf and the small parties I have been invited to or is this a regular occurrence that’s become a normality of this lifestyle..

Happy hunting,


  • teamaj2


    3 years ago

    Sam , for all of the above reasons you stated , I can empathise with your frustration. You go to , what you deem is a lot of effort and sadly it can go pear shaped .
    Nothing in life is 100% guaranteed . Real life happens - baby sitters cancel , kids get sick , people have to go to work etc .
    The only piece of advice I would give , is to meet everyone prior the event . For a drink or a coffee perhaps . Meeting the couples and making certain both are real gets rid of the problem of Mr pretending to be a couple. Finding out if both M and F really want to be a part of this . I’d advise the couple it’s imperative for an invitation to the party , both attend the meet up .
    Meeting up with people prior also gives you a better chance of making the sure the crowd and mix of people are suited .
    Good luck in all your future endeavours. Ax

  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    3 years ago

    Dealing with strangers is always risky, be it selling your car online, buying off eBay, organising swingers parties.

    Most people feel they owe nothing to strangers

    There's nothing to much you can do about human behaviour.