Outdoor or car play

February 03 2024

It is very interesting that some men show their interest in participating in gang bangs and are willing to pay for it, but when they message us and have a problem with location, they are not willing to pay and are looking for sex outdoors or in a car!!!


  • FeistyFatty


    2 months ago

    Is this an actual thing now? 🤔
    Haven't had this "offer". Im guessing its because you don't/can't host and they're also unwilling/unable but still want their end wet?
    Following ..... Interested to see how many people play this way 🧐

  • Margo_Lover


    2 months ago

    The majority of guys we've had anything to do with can't host.

    Some offer to pay for a place to play with Margo.

    We figure it's a one off deal to fuck, and then she won't hear from them again. Not her style.

    So there's been some car play, but it's relatively short, and not great compared to a comfy bed/room.

    - Alex

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    2 months ago

    Perhaps they are all environmental activists, in that they like to fuck everything, they always rely on others to pay the cost, and they absolutely love car-pooling?

  • RagnarPrime


    2 months ago

    Probably different men.

  • Crystal_Randy


    2 months ago

    I definitely wont reply such those guys who r interested to pay for such that events but when wanna meet you have no money for a place. Definitely I know my value and they dont deserve that so I wont be interested car or outdoor play anymore when I m facing with that.

  • Yellowpenguins


    2 months ago

    Yeah , I've had that offer too. No thanks , I'm not 18 anymore can't think of anything more uncomfortable 😖

  • Jamiewest99


    2 months ago

    They’re not men they’re boys.

  • PerthVixen


    2 months ago

    I’ve organised/experienced GB’s in hotels and organised a dogging GB in a carpark.
    They ALL had positives 😈.

    My experience is that not a SINGLE man will pay $$$ towards a hotel room for a GB. And the majority of the time, even for a 1-on-1.

    I had a GB with the most well know GB group in Perth (at the time), who thankfully no longer exist, where the organiser told me during the process of arranging it, that all the guys chipped in $$$ for the room. A standard practice. So I booked a suite with his knowledge.

    I booked and paid for the rooms. Organised nibbles and drinks. Spent all the time and effort of self grooming and new lingerie.

    The men turned up. Ate the food. Drank the drinks. Used my towels. Left.

    I was disgusted.

    The organiser refused to take on board any negative feedback and blamed me for everything. I never saw a ¢. He then blocked me.

    I find that on the whole, if I book a hotel room, for a GB, MFM or 1-on-1 . . . I will end up footing the bill. 100% of the time.

    On the VERY few occasions in the past, that a man has booked the room, I have offered to pay 50%.

    Despite being out of pocket thousands of $$$ over the years, I’d rather have the safety of the room in my name. Then I can ask him/them to leave. Which I have done.

    Unfortunately, men still overwhelmingly believe that they are entitled to sex. And that means FREE sex. And that means if a woman wants a GB, SHE can PAY for it. Because the men sure as shit won’t.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 months ago


  • Inflation


    2 months ago

    I guess some guys are on a budget...lol
    Let's hope they don't blame it all on inflation.

  • youngfun1992


    2 months ago

    Guessing they are trying to hide a credit card charge from someone haha. Cars are soo uncomfortable lol.