Oral Starting Hardness

August 25 2023

When you're about to perform oral sex on a guy. Do you prefer him to already be super hard or soft, so you can make him hard 🤔

Or somewhere in between?

- Alex


  • Fuckmywifexxx


    6 months ago

    Wife here - I was about to say either is good as long as they get hard...

    But then I remembered the thrill of knowing they're already excited by the prospect... so already hard gets my vote.

  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    6 months ago

    Great question. Doesn't really matter to me.
    I rarely go straight for the cock preferring to busy myself in the vicinity first.
    I'm a tease 😆

  • Lovinglifenow202


    6 months ago

    I've had 3 experiences where the guy was soft and ended up cumming before he even got hard. I didn't know that was possible lol but I don't mind either, as long as they get hard (if sift to begin with)

  • SugarSugar69


    6 months ago

    I love it soft and I love the feeling of it growing in my mouth

  • Kokoflamingo


    6 months ago

    Hard for sure, Im not too fond of marshmallows

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    6 months ago

    It doesn't matter how it starts for me. If he's hard, then I know how excited he is and can prolong it.
    If he's soft and that's usually because the bj wasn't anticipated then I love how my technique gets him hard and it grows in my mouth.
    I only get concerned if it DOESN'T get hard. Thankfully that's never happened.
    I always find it helpful if between using my mouth to let him know my intention. (Guys will hold back if it's just to get him hard for penetration).
    If I tell him I want to swallow his load, that gets them hard really quick 😁.

  • sharingiscaringx


    6 months ago

    Personally I prefer the slow tease and watching it grow 😅

  • Lostyanumber


    5 months ago

    Forgive me, this question isn't aimed at me, I do know that 'penis resuscitation' works effectively...

  • Dan7474


    5 months ago

    if it is still soft than guy is probally not really into you

  • Lookin4luv73


    5 months ago

    Of course sucking on a hard cock is the absolute best, but I do also enjoy starting semi, & feeling it grow hard in my mouth. It gets me super horny!

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    5 months ago

    Kiss and wait, intimate but withhold, balls are fun, perenium is dicey.

    Much in the way you don’t go for the clit, work it up and soft or hard makes no difference. The build up and control will always dictate the fun.