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Nude beaches- NSW South Coast

November 21 2023

Hi All, Has anyone had experience or know about nude beaches on the South Coast, NSW.. Would be great to hear of any suggestions or experience.. heading that way this summer.. ☺


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  • MrMrsSmithAu

    11 days ago

    Armand's beach just south of Bermagui is a legal nude beach. Been there a couple of times it is very nice and only a short walk from parking.

  • ReyandJean

    10 days ago

    @MrMrsSmithAu You forgot the 120 stairs, lol.
    Lovely beach.

    Moon Beach near Tathra is unofficial nude beach for locals.

  • sam1470

    10 days ago

    Are people there actually walking around nude ?

  • MrMrsSmithAu

    10 days ago

    @sam1470 Hi Sam, On the couple of occasions we have been there yes.

  • Chisel007

    9 days ago

    Great! Will definitely give Armonds Beach a go this summer! Looking forward to it ☺

  • newlybicbr

    7 days ago

    There's also Myrtle Beach near Durras as an unofficial beach

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