Not after any record, but should i stop having sex random coz body count is creeping a lot??

July 02 2024

I am just turning 22 and the body count is astronomical..does it have a negative effects later down the track..any suggestions??should i slow down and keep the pace until a certain age..let me know


  • fun2behere


    22 days ago

    My block count went up just now

  • Andrea_Sydney


    22 days ago

    That depends on why you do it like this. If you are just enjoying yourself, great. If you are trying to fill a void in your life, you could question yourself what the void is and how to better fill it. It all depends on how you are feeling. The number itself doesn’t matter. Just how you feel during and in between your encounters and if you are experiencing things as problematic. Only you can answer this question.

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    22 days ago

    I don’t know if anyone’s advice can really stop you from having sex, but I can theorise how many times that you have!
    When I did my Masters in Biological Engineering there was a paper published indicating that an average of 125 millilitres of air is pumped into a woman’s vagina during coitus.
    What is not widely known however, is that during sex about 25 milliliters of this air enters the woman’s soft tissue and is transported to her breasts where it accumulates.
    Another interesting fact is that a basketball holds approximately 4.75 litres of air when fully inflated.
    Judging from the size of your breasts, I can assure therefore that you have had sex 190 times thus far.
    Maybe for your own personal safety (and that of your future partners), it might be prudent to lay off the sex for a while.

  • Funkinallnite


    21 days ago

    It depends on what you want & whether any ones opinion bothers you. Also who's to know how many, only you. Think if it will bother you in the future, i guess this is a sit down & ponder.

  • NeoAndTrin


    21 days ago

    You shouldn't be asking the internet whether to stop having sex or not.

  • Introvertedfun


    21 days ago

    Only you know the answer but depends of your looking for attention or truly want to find the answer

  • Flirty2020


    21 days ago

    Sounds like a “hello I am here advert”

    Only you can decide how much is enough, and when to start slowing down. Only you can decide how many risks you will take with regards STI/STD’s etc.

    One day you may regret your lifestyle, or maybe you will not.

    It is your life, not ours, and as such our opinions really should not mean anything.

  • Felicitous


    21 days ago

    I agree with Andrea - the number is irrelevant.. how you are feeling is a much better measure of whether you should continue or slow down.
    The very fact you're asking is an indicator of something maybe being 'amiss' and you're seeking clarity.
    Personally I find seeking "more" only dilutes the connections I have.
    It depends entirely on you.
    What gives you pleasure and joy.. what makes you feel whole. It could be another man/woman.. it could be a sunset.
    I would say this.. if you're feeling like you should slow down. Do that. Distill your connections and you'll be able to gauge which direction is best for you right now.
    All the best either way.

  • MsSuperFoxy

  • FeistyFatty


    20 days ago

    No one really cares, only you. Its all subjective to the individual. Whats "astronomical" to some, maybe 'meh" to others.

  • nightingale8


    19 days ago

    People only have so much free time. I can only assume that having so much casual sex means that you have much less time for the usual things a 22 year old would do. Which amongst all the rubbish Gen Z have to contend with is a lot! Does it have negative effects? Yes. It’s not the number of people you have sex with but what you miss at a time you’re establishing your life and who you are.
    Nothing wrong with enjoying sex and all its variations. Practically speaking, make sure you visit a sexual health clinic.

  • anaBana


    19 days ago

    Whatever the reason is, is private and intimate to you and just take advice that resonates.

    But to answer your question directly: If you have asked this question, your body has asked you to stop or slow down. Listen to her. If this question never came up in the first place, it isn’t an issue.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for, cutie. X

  • Hunggroup4play


    18 days ago

    Don't quit please..Need you for more of our gangbangs🍆🍆🙏

  • Phillip81


    17 days ago

    Reply to my message.

  • MrSin68


    14 days ago

    Depends on what you are looking for in life . Put it this way if that was a male no one would bat an eye eyelid . You will eventually just decide what you want in the meantime if you enjoy

  • RachWandered


    13 days ago

    I reckon a much better question is whether I should I stop eating Nutella out of the jar and maybe pace myself so my kids can steal it and I miss out?

    Upon reflection … don’t bother answering forumers …

    I think we all know the answer

  • Cheeseplease


    10 days ago

    Yes. Sex is sacred. Abstain from sex now until you meet someone who sees you for you.

    Then devote your being to this man and your children together.

    Good luck.

  • Valkyrie_and_man


    8 days ago

    You definitely shouldn’t stop till you come to Perth to play with Man and myself!! You look gorgeous 😍

  • CaramelSwirl22


    8 days ago

    Honey it doesn’t stop as you get older no point stopping now. I will say that it can damage relationships if you’re not careful (in my case in the past). It can have a psychological and physiological impact on you without knowing. I Would suggest doing other activities such as sports and other extra curricular activities to take your mind off the constant need to have sex and to channel that sexual energy. Know when to stop and have a break and when to be active again. Find purpose and meaning in yourself rather than the need for sexual gratification to fill a void. The void is real, loneliness is real. You must master your domain (Seinfeld) and be able to understand the urges and be able to control them. If you’re safe, having fun and not hurting anyone or yourself along the way then why stop!!! Sex is to be enjoyed and lots of it with good people 🙂🙏🏽🌸

  • Keen2playwithu


    8 days ago

    What's your count?

  • Azza69


    7 days ago

    Live your life, bang as many as you like. High numbers mean you’re highly sought after.

  • RhythmRider


    6 days ago

    I apologize I might be too out of touch for this, because I ....assume.... "body count" refers to a number of prior sex partners? On that premise "negative effects later" could be an increased risk of health problems from STIs, social stigma and or a certain reputation inviting contempt or even abuse from certain insecure men.

    If you are hypersexual like me, the issue is the constant thinking about sexual gratification, that interferes with your everyday life. It's not the number of partners, it's the number of explicit acts. These get better when done consistently with the same partner, so sex addicts typically only resort to polyamory or infidelity if monogamy is not providing enough release.
    For, well, me at the least, finding new partners is more difficult, and yields to far less sweaty pounding than having repeated innings and outings with the same person. Maybe if you look like your pix, this really isn't a factor for you, but no sex addict would consider the possibility of slowing down.
    Also, your sex drive is going to grow at an increasing rate for at least another 20 years, whereas mine is, finally starting to slow down enough that I can manage long enough away from cold showers and self abuse to write a message this long. I've had sex maybe 20,000 or more times since I was your age ( that is about three times every day for 20 years) but only across maybe half a dozen different women.

    Psychology 101 would suggest that you aren't addicted to sex, but need validation from many different people. First year psych students would believe that you are attempting to fill an emotional void, one most likely caused by an absent or abusive father.

  • Happydays23


    5 days ago

    I think I started your thoughts on this subject & i.mow feel sorry for doing so , if U feel it's what U feel good doing it ,then U enjoy doing so , or was my shallow words that made U question your choices & for that I apologize !

  • Jack_Hammers


    4 days ago

    You will know it's time to hang up the boots when the STD comes along 😁

  • Mask_007


    3 days ago

    I think you do what you want and the way you like. You are a adult. Enjoy life. Make your own informed decisions.just have fun.

  • Avert


    2 days ago

    Certainly not,i only just messaged you this morning and my advice is add me to the list before making any crazy decision to stop doing what you love.

  • Gentlelovers


    2 days ago

    Our 1st question is,Are you real or just another fake profile?