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New to Dogging

February 13 2022

We are looking to experience dogging and wondering what the scene is like around Perth?


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  • RHP1183147322266

    It's crap,

  • Sawadee

    To my knowledge , those in the know dont share locations.. Can you imagine the heads bobbing up if they did ?

  • Ur__Masseur

    Have heard of some secret spots in Alkimos and Kings Park! But there is a reason why it’s called secret spots. No one would share in the fear of unwanted attention.

    If I were you I would scout for a spot with the right people, that being said kings park is pretty good!

  • RHP1183147789831

    Zig zag is a spot a lot of people use, there's a rock over looking the city

  • Ourfirststeps

    @Bigmike21 What’s F?

  • Ourfirststeps

    @Sawadee But isn’t that the point of dogging? If not it’s just sex in the open? Haha

  • Ourfirststeps

    @Ur_Masseur Thanks! 😊😊

  • RHP1183147845290

    Very popular spot in belmont/kewdale that I'm happy to share

  • RHP1183147835704

    @Ourfirststeps Inbox me

  • RHP1183147835704

    Where you located

  • Sawadee

    @Ourfirststeps Yes of course ' but after reading feedback from previous posts doggers dont readily tell ?
    Suppose it depends if you like a line up or not...

  • RHP1183147778962

    Didn’t realise dogging was pre planned, can’t say I’ve ever planned ahead.

  • bianca_dd

    The whole concept of dogging is that it's a random event, no notification, no details of location. Otherwise it's just a root in the bush. Defeats the idea and ruins the excitement if it's planned

  • bigdawgk123

    I know it’s meant to not be planned but like how do you find the right people you might try join in and get waived off or worse

  • BlackWolf80

    @Ur_Masseur Any particular place in kings park?

  • Bigtizzy

    @Hungfunsor Where

  • Bigtizzy

    Would be nice just to find a place where people play regularly

  • justlooking4

    Just go to swingers club, you will never know who you will meet

  • mike2im

    There are spots scattered around Perth. Some have been mentioned in earlier responses. I will message you some others I know about. It seems you want to pre plan, which is fair enough.

  • sparra1988

    There are a few spots down Rockingham way if you arr interested in driving that far.
    The specticles is still a dogging place but not sure where abouts after the firee.
    Kwinana beach is another.
    Warnbro beach another
    Also Serpentine damn and falls was a good spot as well

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