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January 06 2022

Hi everyone. We are new to this site (not the lifestyle) and have a few questions (apologies in advance if asked before, we are just finding our way around the site). We are currently on guest membership and will likely eventually upgrade.
-is there a way to read reviews and ratings on event organizers (as a guest or with premium account). We are finding a lot of events with vetting processes and requirements etc for the guests but little in the way of reviews on the organizers.
-is there anything like a review page after individual events where guests can leave reviews?
-is the list of "interested" people on an event the actual guest list, or if not, is the guest list available somewhere else to check out before an event?
-is there a specific forum for smaller privately organized parties?
thanks to anyone who can help and feels like replying :)


  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 years ago

    Word of mouth will give you reviews of all the hosts, and no the guest list is vast majority people who never end up going.

  • LadyM28


    2 years ago

    Good questions!! Have been asking the same. Not the easiest site to navigate. Would love to understand how the events work, I expressed interest in two and heard nothing. Not sure how to go about showing interest in a way that day I actually want to attend!

  • teamaj2


    2 years ago

    All very good relevant questions . I am unaware of any review or rating systems for events .
    I can only tell you about how we negotiated what events / parties we attended . It’s all a distant memory , pre covid.
    We were members when we first joined . This enabled us to contact organisers via their profile . We spoke via message and in most cases they offered to speak on the phone to answer queries to ease our ‘newbie nervousness ‘ . We , especially myself , female , found that reassuring. To be honest , I had no idea what to expect , what to wear even and I found the chat reassuring.
    We found , even attending the same venue / party on different occasions would make for a different night and change in atmosphere. It’s crowd dependent. For us a good event / party requires a good host or hosts .
    We also found that by putting ourselves out there , so to speak , talking to people , we learnt a lot about where to go to , where not to go to and so much more about this lifestyle. Word of mouth is a powerful tool .
    As for private parties , we have been contacted on many occasions by people holding small events in hotels or their homes . It’s not something we entertain . Once again , your becoming a member would allow you to contact members that are seeking couples such as yourselves .
    No one wants to waste a night out with having a bad experience. For us ( especially myself ) I used to push the nerves aside and we’d go with our gut instincts. If it feels NQR don’t bother. We found putting ourselves out there to be a learning curve . We always used to attend with no expectations and plenty of hope for a good night ahead .
    Good luck . Ax