Long Game

June 12 2024

Been here maybe 4/5 months and just wanted to know how people play. I have been fortunate enough to have had really great meets and 1 that went bad real quick. But still a really enjoyable experience on a whole. I am not one of those guys that does the "hi wanna fuck" kinda deal and still i see it so much when in the chat room i have also made the very conscious decision of not going back.

What i wanted to ask is how does the site work for you? Because i am so much into the long game.....lots of chat....on the app or whats app...i give out my number very freely as i can always block an asshole (m/f). But what i have noticed is lots of people say "dont want to do alot of email ping pong" i am so not like that as i love the email ping pong as you can figure out if someone is not a bunny boiler/axe murderer/crazy bitch.

How do you guys view the play situation?


  • Flirty2020


    a month ago

    Just like in real life, you get some people on here who like to make an effort, and those who don't .

    Some people will expect instant success & gratification , will get to the point very quickly ("hot photos want to fuck??") whereas others will prefer a slower, gentler approach.

    We prefer to get to know people fairly well, before we consider jumping into bed with them. On here , the only way that one can do this, is via the messenger function or within the free chatroom.

    We like to ask a lot of questions as this is part of our screening / vetting process and we also like to take our time. Of course those who are after a "quick fuck" and or expect instant gratification do not like back and forth messaging or "ping pong" as they put it. as this requires too much time and effort on their part.

    Of course our "slow and steady" approach will put a lot of people off, and we are quite OK with this as in essence they make our screening process even easier. We are in no hurry to have sex with anyone and anyone who expects that from us, will not get very far with us at all.

    By taking our time (several messages back and forth over a few days/weeks/months) we get the opportunity to get to know the other person and to also establish what we all like, what we are hoping to achieve and more importantly what we don't like. It also gives us the opportunity to discuss boundaries etc. It is the way that we prefer to do things and it works for us . We prefer not to compromise when it comes to our slow & steady approach.

    So far it has worked for us. The entitled instant gratification types are quickly weeded out and then by the time we meet up with someone, face to face, we already have established a mutual understanding , mutual respect and attraction. And then if we decide to take things further, and that is to have sex with them, at least we are doing so knowing that we know what the likes, dislikes and boundaries are. As a result of our approach, we can confidently say that we have had really great experiences and no bad experiences nor regrets ( when it comes to sex with others)

    Because we have our preferred "slow approach" and because we are fairly picky ( as opposed to jumping into bed with every Tom, Dick & Harry) we are probably labelled as "snooty nose in the air types" . And that is quite OK for us - we all have our preferences and our way of doing things. We all are attracted to different things...

    So far we have met ( and played with) some really nice, genuine people, with whom we have become good long term friends. For us this is what it is all about - and that is fun, enjoyment and building strong & sincere friendships along the way.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    Your post is confusing!!
    What is it exactly you are asking or seeking?
    Communication ping pong? slow burns? How this site is? Diagnosing womens behavours (🚩)? or how others view play situations?

    Ms Foxy

  • nightingale8


    a month ago

    I don’t mind email ping pong if I know the person behind the screen. Therein lies the problem in meeting via apps - I don’t know them.
    I’m a much better judge of person in real life and would much rather sneaky glance at each other a few times than spend months messaging each other in a fantasy.
    I also find it disappointing to be hoodwinked, so rather a meet sooner than later. That’s my preference anyway and each to their own. Unless you know the person, every email/message you read is in your own voice in your head. Are you really, truly chatting to someone else or are you chatting to your own fantasy of who they are?

  • FeistyFatty


    a month ago

    Welcome Back Bartender 😀
    Have nothing reallocated to contribute to the post, there's ALOT of questions in there hehe.... Except, I'm a short game girl..... ADHD means I get bored too quick and move on.
    More importantly.....
    Last time you were here you were about to host a Meet & Greet At your bar..... How'd it go?

  • NeoAndTrin


    a month ago

    A wise man once said:

    "We're not here to fuck spiders."

    Maybe he was actually on RHP at the time....kinda makes sense.

    I think if you haven't managed to arrange a meet up within 10 days of chatting then you're probably going to end up disappointed. Unless just chatting is all you're after.

  • RachWandered


    a month ago

    I loathe texting endlessly because it’s unsustainable and sets up expectations that can’t be continued. Text messaging is also time consuming and takes you away from your daily routine.

    All that intensity can’t be maintained and it never feels great once it drops off after guys they have got what they want.

    It’s never a good feeling when someone has been chatty and friendly and sending snaps from their day before they’ve fucked you to just getting “hey” or “you wfh today?” after they’ve fucked you.

    I reckon behave how you would after you’ve banged someone. That should be the guide as to how much intensity you invest beforehand.

  • Generic_Chick


    a month ago

    I think that validations help. I generally check for validations if it’s someone that initiated the conversation with me. I tell pretty much everyone that I really don’t like intense high frequency chatting without any plans to meet (say, within the fortnight, if my schedule allows) - this drains my social battery, and I’d much rather use it for sexy fun times. My work as makes it difficult for me to be on my phone, so I tend to go entire days without being on messages at all. I leave people on “read” all the time because I haven’t got capacity to be messaging throughout the day until I’ve finished whatever I’m doing (to be fair, I do try to give them a heads up). I’m also super direct, and haven’t got the patience for a slow burn.

    What I find really works for me is having cultivate fwbs that will chat with people for me. They look for people that are interesting and start the vetting process, and then pass my profile along so they can suss me out, and let me know who to look at. That way, I only have to maintain a low number of direct interactions across different people. They are also the ones coordinating dates, which also works in my favour because I don’t have to pretend to be outgoing and vivacious to make a emotional connection 🤣😂

    I don’t like giving my number out - telegram is the preferred messaging choice because of that.

    So yeah, you ask some interesting questions. I like how you’re approaching this, and how respectful you are of other peoples’ perspectives.