March 14 2024

Been a member for about 2 months now and met some really nice people and had the pleasure of sleeping with a few of them. The one thing I noticed is that the chat room is going through constant waves of new people and I just wanted to say : be a decent person. Makes no sense putting someone down because of their weight, skin colour, sexualty or anything else. You are going to get so much better results if you are decent and friendly. I know the chat can get intimidating for some people as it goes quickly when busy. Keep at it use the whisper function to talk to the cool people and for gods sake stop directing people on cam! Leave them alone and let them play :)
I myself have made a few mistakes and said some shitni shouldn't have but have had th4 good brains to apologise and get on with it.
We are so lucky to have a powerful tool like RHP, maybe we use it to better ourselves, be sexier, be nicer because I thought that is what it's all about :)
Rock and roll people :) bartender out!


  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    10+yrs ago, the chat room was booming; full of amazing people directors and wankers
    2024 Appears nothing has changed

    Ms Foxy

  • Andrea_Sydney


    a month ago

    I haven’t seen anyone putting anyone down due to their skin colour or sexuality? Have I missed something?

  • Ex007


    a month ago

    I don't think anything of quality has ever frequented the bang bang room, oh I mean the chat room. 🤢 im sure the intelligent forum crowd would much prefer the bangers stay exactly where they are.

  • NeoAndTrin


    a month ago

    Hey Bar! As you know I use the chat room so there is some intelligent conversation to be had 🤪.

    Trust me there are dickheads in the forums too from time to time. It's just policed a lot better here.

    My best advice is just to ignore the tards as nothing you do will ever change their attitudes/behaviours. If you starve them of interactions they will leave a lot sooner than if you engage.

    The block button is also your friend. Don't waste time and energy on the mouth breathers. You'll enjoy the serenity trust me...