First MFM experience

October 24 2023

It has been a fantasy for so long. Many times it was planned but some hiccup prevented the play. All came true today. I didnt get that much sleep last night as I was so excited. We all met at the hotel and went up to the room. Showered and put on some music. I wore my crotchless knickers and slip and the boys began to fondle and grope me. I was smiling as I got on my knees and found myself presented with two gorgeous cocks to suck. Felt like it was Christmas. I got up and layer down on the bed. The boys stripped me. A cock found its way to my mouth as the other guy began to lick my tasty smooth pussy. OMG. My breasts were fondled, as i sucked and gagged on a glorious cock. I was in heaven having my clit licked, then a cock was thrusted deep inside me taking the exhilaration futher. The boys took turns swapping places. Sharing my pussy till I orgasmed.

I wanted to try two cocks in my vagina. DVP was amazing filling my cunt. The boys thrusting together. It felt to intense for one guy and he said he was about to cum. I felt him shoot his big load. We changed positions for me to be in doggy so the other guy could warm up my arse. As he did a cock went into my mouth. Spit roasted anal. We played this way for a little while till I felt I was ready for DP. Having two cocks in both my holes was great. Just needed one more guy in the room so I could suck his cock in my mouth to be airtight. I went pack to laying on my back with my head hanging over the bed. Sucking and deep throating a cock as the other fucked me. I gagged and squirtered orgasming deliriously. One guy loved my arse and decided that's where he wanted his cum to go. Pounding my arse, I orgasmed again as he blew his load in my well stretched arse.

What an experience. I'm getting wet again just remembering my first of many MFM play.


  • JennyTahlia


    9 months ago

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes and bad grammar

  • Pommyandfriend


    9 months ago

    Sounds an amazing way to spend a few hours, fingers crossed you’re looking for more volunteers soon!

  • Hotwife71


    9 months ago

    Yeah OK.

  • Sawadee


    9 months ago

    Hey Jenny.. well you certainly caught up in style... good for you.. 😁😃🤩

    We ' Mrs S and me' have endulged a straight MFM on 2 sepatate occassions , not quite as adventurist as yours , but mind blowing all the same.. My advice to any couples wanting to explore ' do it ' lifes too short to procrastinate... If you dont try ' you will never know...

  • Alex71


    9 months ago

    It was such a good time ,Jenny is so hot and sexy and you know when she cums!!!!!! I had quite a bucket items ticked off as well.

  • FeistyFatty


    9 months ago


  • MsSuperFoxy


    9 months ago


    Tell me why the OP made me read the whole post, like Lady Whistledown from Bridgeton.

    Ms Foxy

  • James3088


    9 months ago

    That’s hot, glad you enjoyed it

  • BDE420


    9 months ago

    Mmm can confirm that Jenny has an amazing tight ass and squirts like an Olympian

  • HungJordi


    9 months ago

    Good for you. Sounds like fun for all 😉

  • nightingale8


    9 months ago

    Amazing. Glad to hear you enjoyed your first time with a fantastic story to tell. This post reminds me of a time gone by when forums in general were full of chatter and experiences, discussion and fantasy.
    First time MFM blows your mind!

  • lickertysplit74


    9 months ago

    An amazing naughty lady, hoping to add to the next story soon

  • luke2134


    9 months ago

    Hot as

  • Mctag9


    8 months ago

    Glad you had a great time - DVP is my favourite!!! Just about everytime I've done the lady has loved it!! 😋😛😜

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    Sounds like a wonderful night. Very hot. Nothing like mfm and mmf play.

  • EndlessSummer85


    7 months ago

    Sounds amazing

  • KinkyButRomantic


    7 months ago

    Wow. So glad you finally got there.
    It fell through a few times When people backed out.

    Youve come a long way from that very nervous girl who just wanted to play Dr Patient that first time.

    Good for you. 😊

  • curiouscpplwa85


    4 months ago

    Oh wow this sounds amazing (Wifey)