Dirty Panty Collection

September 11 2023

I've always had a panty fetish, also love sniffing them. I find every panty sexy, all the different styles, shapes, sizes, designs & colors. It wasn't until I shared my love of panties with a female friend that she decided to mail me over 20 used lace, thong & g-string panties to start my own collection.
Anyone else into this fetish? please share your experiences


  • Opalrose


    6 months ago

    I know someone who used to sell ‘dirty’ panties on eBay in the late 90’s when you could sell that stuff on there.

    They were brand new, with a smear of juice/oil from a tuna can. He had 100% positive feedback and many repeat customers 🤣

  • Sawadee


    6 months ago

    Im aware this kink exists just dont understand the attraction.. ? Not knocking it btw, everyone to thier own ?

  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    6 months ago

    $500 bucks, they're yours 🤣

  • Aussie_Natural


    5 months ago

    I once had a guy on reddit ask to buy a pair from me. So i wore a new gstring for the day & then mailed it to him. It turned me on knowing he had it and that he was turned on by smelling me ☺️



    5 months ago

    I can always send you some of the wife's for a small fee....