Bi Sexual

June 20 2024

Do people find that it is more acceptable for a man to be bi or bi curious now a days?
Are you bi or bi curious? Men or women?
Would you/have you?


  • Blueflamingo


    a month ago

    I think so, I've found guys being more and more open to explore prostate massage, pegging etc.
    I find it a huge turn on myself, mmf with two guys who are not afraid to be themselves and explore their kinks and sexuality, yes please! 🙋‍♀️😍

  • MINGLEevents


    a month ago

    It seems to be more acceptable than even a year ago. Pretty glad about that. 😜

  • Shenanigans26


    a month ago

    I'm bisexual and I think its definitely more acceptable these days. My only concern with bi men is that I hope they play safe. HIV is still around, and whilst it's not the death sentence it used to be, it is still something I don't wish to have. So, I do tend to stay away from the bi men, unless I know that they are clean.

    Yes, I take my sexual health very seriously....

  • FeistyFatty


    a month ago

    Definitely more acceptable, and common. I actually find I'm surprised when someone is straight..... Straight straight..... Not even hetroflexible.

  • AllNightAlbs


    a month ago

    We find 90% of women are bi, but much less in the male swingers. We probably only have 10% actually bi and another 20% curious. We still find straight.. very straight guys who aren’t even ok with close proximity with another guy… but of a weird thing as a swinger..

  • KLady


    a month ago

    Most definitely it’s acceptable, I’ve found a lot of guys I chat to are bi curious and would like to explore the curiosity a bit further

  • GoodgirlnBadboy


    a month ago

    I find this game hard because I'm a straight male.
    The guys that get the most out of it are bi/experimental/curious/etc. I'm wishing i was bi so I could enjoy this more.

  • DillaDonuts


    a month ago

    I like the thought of it. Bi male stuff, guys surely would give awesome blowjobs I'm just Not sure about the execution of my curiousity..dudes still smell like dudes , stubble, deep voices , calling me mate or bro during the event lol

  • Freelove


    a month ago

    Im bisexual and have been for my whole adult life , clean and tested always , never caught anything, be smart about it , each to their own but l love cock and pussy , once you start you never stop playing bi , definitely play straight as well and always inform people of my status , it does add another dimension to playing and ld adverise anyone if there curious to try it and you might like it , feel free to hit me up if youd like to ask questions about bi play , happy to help.

  • Shellbicouple


    13 days ago

    Im a married bisexual guy. I consider myself very lucky that my wife is also bisexual and we are both understanding of our needs and that its something that each other alone cant provide.
    I agree that it is more comman than it use to be. But we still dont openly tell people such as friends and family.
    Alot of the time, guys will say they are bi curious, but only have the intention of getting to the wife.
    Shame really. The dont know all the fun and pleasure they are missing out on.

  • MsNshh


    13 days ago

    It is and is very sexy.

  • Kinkysubjade


    7 days ago

    It’s acceptable, and welcomed. Love a man who is curious. Having two men to me is exactly how I think it would feel for a man to have 2 women?

  • Squirtingonu


    5 days ago

    I only play with bi males , I get off n squirt heaps when I am eating a very clean tasty ass on a guy , they find it not so weird if there is a bi chick like myself in the mix of play