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Saturday, 11 August 2018 8:30 PM

Our Secret Spot welcomes you to ...

Sexy in His Shirt

You know the look – after a night of impromptu passion, you step out to buy you and your lover breakfast. When you open the door, she greets you with a smile and is wearing your business shirt from the day before. With only a few buttons done, her hair bouncing and relaxed you quickly forget breakfast - you need to eat something else now.

It’s the next morning after a night of impromptu passion. He has stepped out to buy some breakfast and you haven’t got a change of clothes...

But you know the look to drive him wild…

Put on his business shirt, do up a few strategic buttons and stand by the door with a smile. Simple and enough to make any man forget breakfast.

This is a party where the ladies play around in the simple and sexy look of a wearing his business shirt.

You can bring your own shirt and customise your look upon arrival. We will also provide shirts for those who require one on the night.

Theme: Ladies in their man's shirt

Dress Code: Men's shirts

Guest Age: 18 - 45 yrs (most suited)

Guest Type: Woman, Couple, Groups, Couple (FF)

Cost: $150/member couple & $50/single lady

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Email: click here

Website: click here

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Posted: Aug, 10 2018
I so want to do this but require notice to make personal arrangements.. how much notice do you normally give before announcing these events?

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