RHP Social Sydney Xmas Drinks

RHP Social Sydney
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RHP Social Sydney

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Friday, 8 December 2017 7:00 PM
Welcome to our RHP Social Sydney

Xmas meet and greet drinks

Friday 8 December - from 7pm to Midnight

Feeling a little overwhelmed by the choices of beautiful singles and couples on offer on Red Hot Pie? Why not come along to this RHP social event and find your future sexy playmates and friends all in one place?

We have our very own exclusive Wine Bar, which is a private, classy venue to enjoy some casual after work drinks.

This is a FREE event so come as you are! and indulge in a selection of canapes and drinks that will be available to purchase at the bar!

RHP Social has been designed for discerning sexy singles and couples who would like to take their time to unwind and get to know other singles and couples in a safe, fun and sexy environment. Nothing is more powerful than building that electric, sensual connection over a few drinks, knowing glances and a few cheeky smiles. It's also a good way to meet some of our Party Partners to learn about their various RHP sponsored events.

So why not register your interest for our event and turn your Red Hot Pie Fantasy into a Red Hot Reality!

If you are interested in attending please show your interest so we can provide you with the registration and venue details.

We have a limited number of spots allocated for selected single guys.

Dress code: Neat casual

Your hosts,

Michael and Emily

Dress Code: Neat casual

Location: click here

Rules: If you are interested in attending show your interest so we can provide you with the venue details.

We have a limited number of spots allocated for selected single guys.

Guest Age: 18 - 70 yrs (most suited)

Guest Type: Man, Woman, Couple, Couple (FF)

Cost: FREE

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Posted: Jan, 07 2018
Very interested
Posted: Dec, 08 2017
Look forward to seeing everyone. xxx
Posted: Dec, 08 2017
Thanks so much to everyone who registered.

Those who haven't please do as won't be monitoring this profile after 5pm tonight.

Our allocation of single male spots have been filled. Thank you and see you tonight!

Your Hosts
Michael and Emily
Posted: Dec, 07 2017
@micesEar4KB yes there is room but for some reason can't message you the details. Can you send us a private message so we can reply with the details.
Posted: Dec, 06 2017
I would like to come!! ;)
Posted: Dec, 06 2017
Hey ๐Ÿ‘‹ i would really like to come :-) have you some space for me?
Posted: Dec, 05 2017
Lost the address we are flying in from mackay on friday and looking to book accomadation in the area where the xmas party is
Posted: Dec, 05 2017
Can i pleeease come?? It will be my first
Posted: Dec, 05 2017
Looking forward to it
Posted: Dec, 05 2017
Save one for me , thanks....
Posted: Dec, 03 2017
Anyone wanna meet up ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ
Posted: Dec, 03 2017
Looks like a good enough reason to have a cocktail.
Posted: Dec, 02 2017
very interested
Posted: Dec, 02 2017
LOVE a Xmas gathering. Everyone is in the mood to PARTY!
Posted: Dec, 01 2017
Hi Michael and Emily im keen to attend. Thank you
Posted: Nov, 30 2017
Iโ€™m interested in attending
Posted: Nov, 30 2017
Is this a a social drink or drink and play cheers ?
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
I'd love to go thanks
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
We are both keen - PW and we'll order 2 tickets pls.
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
I never in that kind of event ... really interested ;)
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
Hmmm ...any meets yet ?! ;-) x
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
I would like to go also..can I get 2 tickets please..female friend is also interested..thanks
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
Sounds interesting.. Include me...
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
Hi can I have the pw to purchase a ticket. Thanks. X
Posted: Nov, 29 2017
Would love to come along and meet fellow RHP members.
Posted: Nov, 28 2017
Looks like a great first event to come to, will be our first venture out into this new lifestyle.... very very excited ๐ŸŽ…๐Ÿผ
Posted: Nov, 28 2017
Looks exciting...eager to meet new friends..someone special...may be...
Posted: Nov, 28 2017
Sounds V Exciting but Iโ€™m a bit โ€œover the hillโ€ so it seems...18-50, Only?
Posted: Nov, 28 2017
Would be awesome to attend if there's still availability!
Posted: Nov, 28 2017
Would love to attend this event!
Posted: Nov, 26 2017
Always great events !
Posted: Nov, 26 2017
Would love to come along! The last couple I had to miss out due to work so knowing that I'm going to be free for this.. well I hope to get in on this :)
Posted: Nov, 26 2017
Interested to come to this RHP meet. Itโ€™s been a while and I enjoyed the last one a lot!
Posted: Nov, 26 2017
Well this would be a nice way to celebrate a birthday ๐Ÿ™‚
Posted: Nov, 26 2017
Looking forward to this one ;)
Posted: Nov, 25 2017
I'm interested in attending this event, can I please get the registration and venue details
Posted: Nov, 22 2017
Am I going?
Posted: Nov, 19 2017
Never mind I see it runs till midnight.
Posted: Nov, 19 2017
How late into the evening does this event run. I'm interested in attending but flying late into Sydney on the night. xx
Posted: Nov, 18 2017
We are interested- got to start somewhere!
Posted: Nov, 11 2017
Always an awesome night!
Posted: Nov, 10 2017
Interested in coming along to this event.

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