Should I try things I'm not comfortable with?

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I've met a Guy on RHP and he wants me to try things that I have never done before. Things like licking butt, peeing and pooping and other stuff I'm just not sure of.
He says he is married and in a loveless relationship and only wants to do these things with me, but he doesn't want any sort of relationship. Well what do you call wanting to do these things with only one person????
I am New to this "Dating/Sex" thing, and I am very confused
Can you PLEASE advise me as to the best thing I should do
So is he using you? Yes, of course. That’s what relationship-less sex is. A mutual scratching post – ‘I use your body and you can use mine’.
Is that bad? No, not if you are getting what you want but if you are hopping that getting freaky with him might lead to something more meaningful you should probably think again.
“I don’t want a relationship” in guy speak means: “I don’t want a relationship - I want you purely for your body and sex - and I don’t want any emotional responsibility for you outside the bedroom”.
This is a very common arrangement many people make to keep life simple while still exploring their sexuality. But don’t kid yourself that because he wants you to stop playing with others that it means more. Some men just don’t like sharing their toys with others.

The reality is: experimentation can be lots of fun when you do it for the right reasons but it can also leave you feeling crappy, dirty and ashamed if you are doing it in the hope that it will make him like you more, or take the relationship to the next level.
So, tread with caution. Go with your gut and remember, only do things you actually want to do and if he doesn’t like it…tough!

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Posted: Feb, 28 2018
Are you wanting someone to endorse it? If you are not sure don’t do it, if you are even slightly curious then proceed and have a safe word for when you have reached your comfort level. Above all, have fun!
Posted: Feb, 26 2018
As the saying goes.
"Don't take shit from anyone".
I'd be staying away.
Posted: Feb, 26 2018
those are at the extreme end of the fetish range in my eyes, not really everyone's cup of tea. These are things you should feel comfortable saying no to without any fear that you are somehow being unadventurous or letting him down. If he cannot respect that, kick him to the kerb.

Posted: Feb, 25 2018
Double bag him sweetheart. Sounds like a nice clean fellow much??? Erk! Tell him to go lick his own arse!
Posted: Feb, 24 2018
Pooping???? Oh my goodness !!!!!!
Posted: Feb, 24 2018
I have tried golden shower once, not for me, as for scat that's just pure filth, that's why toilets were invented.
Posted: Feb, 24 2018
Butt lick great , pissing is pushing the limits.
As for the shitting well that’s sicko stuff no way ! Avoid him
Posted: Feb, 24 2018
Loveless relationship... is not loveless relationship. Hestold you point blank
He doesnt want a relationship
He wants you to play out his kink
He is saying loveless to distance himself from judgement of infidelity. Ignore that comment.

Focus on what he has said.
I dont want a relationship with you.
I want you to know im married and i want you to do these particular things.

Why would that confuse you? You cant have him he is taken. He wants a fuck on the side.

Posted: Feb, 24 2018
Haha tie him up. Get him to lick your butt, that's is always enjoyable.
Then take a massive dumb on his chest (if you can) and then see on him and leave him. I am. Thinking you're in a hotel room.
Haha let him find himself out of that one...

(I am mostly joking)
Posted: Feb, 23 2018
I'm all in agreement with both Norty and 71, run
Posted: Feb, 23 2018
why are you helping him cheat would be my first question.
atleast with swingers their wives generally push the hubbies onto you or want you to join in. As for trying new things, I say why not as long as you are comfortable with it. I hate golden showers so never again, as for scat (shit) definately no way. I find these two things as degrading but its all up to what you want.
Posted: Feb, 23 2018
OMG... ABORT ABORT ABORT ... this is not the road u want to travel whether ur new or expert level. If a man/woman or couple asked me to do these things, I would be mortified, and let’s face it, a little grossed out. Find someone that wants a little more from u than faeces and urine !

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