Online Dating Versus Meeting Someone In Person?

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Has online dating got better results than normal dating? I am trying to decide if it’s worth keeping my profile as I have not had any luck yet.
It seems everyone I speak to these days met online. So obviously something is working. The problem comes with measuring apples with oranges.

Back in the day, the average guy would meet 20 compatible girls.  15 would reject him, 5 would date him and 1 would say yes.

These days online, the average guy meets 2000 compatible girls, 1500 reject him, 50 would date him and 20 would say yes… If he had not already quit because of all the rejections!

Most people look at the rejection as a sign something is wrong with them or the site is not working. They don’t realise it’s natural. A part of the process. A stepping stone to success, not a reason to quit.

The other thing to consider is that old school dating can take years to sort through the few, online it will only take a few months to sort through the many. So yes, online dating can have a higher rate of success for those who keep their focus and intention on the big picture.

But don’t get caught in the trap of thinking online dating is like Amazon shopping. People are people. They crave connection online and off, so don’t be in too much of a rush to get through to the next profile. Just remember, sometimes you have to dig a little to find the gold.

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Posted: Oct, 29 2017
Wow Truer words were never spoken Daniel

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