Naughty November - Shake it baby, shake it!

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Only two months left to make 08 great! I must admit I love November. It’s time to squeeze the last drop of life...

Only two months left to make 08 great! I must admit I love November. It’s time to squeeze the last drop of life out of the year as the subtle scent of anticipation and sins of the flesh signal the imminent arrival of orgiastic Xmas excess.

This month the Red Hot Pie Gods have decreed ‘Naughty November’. Perhaps not quite Shakespearian in its originality, but none the less, appropriate for a time of year with such unique energy. It’s a time to shake out the fake, re invent, self express and roll into the New Year with some decent sins worth absolving and hopefully a renewed outlook on your life.


For the next 30 days give the side of you that’s been under lock and key a chance to burst out and breathe, before the booze ups begin. Letting lose at the office Christmas party after 10 too many butterscotch schnapps’ shots may be the easiest way to exorcise your ‘evil’ twin, blow off some steam and express your inner vamp, but it’s a cop out!

The truth is your ‘evil’ twin is not ‘evil’ at all and if you pluck up the courage to let it from time to time while copus mentus (sober), you’ll be amazed to find its only purpose is to bring balance, perspective and a sense of ‘wholeness’ to your life.

Remember what we repress we express, which is the artsy way of saying if you don’t let it out one way, it will explode out another - and that can be a gooey mess you don’t want to have to explain!


The secret, they say to a happy life is to be ‘who you really are’. This, as anyone who likes to get up at noon and mow the lawn wearing nothing but gum boots and a grin, is often easier said than done.

So it’s hardly surprising so many people are unhappy with their lot. When most of your life is spent faking it to fit in, for the benefit of other people, it’s hard to remember that it’s not ‘other people’ who have to live your life.

The funny thing is while everyone is running around putting their best foot forward and trying to be ‘accepted’, we are all desperately trying to find someone who is simply being themselves!!

So what’s bubbling underneath the person you project to the rest of the world? What vice might be nice or what self expression might lift the depression? Are you giving others a chance to experience the real you? Are you even giving YOU a chance to experience the real you!!

Have you got a wild cat purring under your pussy cat façade, or a teddy bear hiding under the tough guy talk? Is there a desire to dominate under a submissive smile or perhaps you’re so used to pleasing others you have almost forgotten how to please yourself. The point is putting on a front only attracts people to the ‘illusion’ of that front, not the reality of you!

The Naughtiness this November is that feeling you will get from being unashamedly YOURSELF! This month is the perfect time to make the transition from ‘don’t let them see’ to ‘this is me!!!’ So in the words of Dr Frankenfurter, why not come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab”.


Most of us are so scared we will be rejected or caught being ourselves and exploring our options, that it’s easier to criticise the more adventurous and simply pretend we‘re happy the way things are.

However the latest scientific research suggests that the happiest people are the ones that never stop learning about themselves. They are not afraid to try new ideas or cultivate old ones and they enjoy sharing their experiences with others around them.

We all get stuck in routine and often forget the smorgasbord of possibilities waiting to be enjoyed - so be your own devils advocate and try something new, something to help you grow a little.

Start with yourself. Is what you have done this year really making you happy?

Why not put your relationships straight at work or play. Tell it like it is. If you’re bored with your sex life, admit it to your partner. It’s no ones fault. Have the guts to address your problems, explore possibilities and save yourself a whole lot of frustration.

Stop making excuses for what’s holding you back and grab the cute office boy for a quickie in the closet. Take your best friend on a date or put an ad in the paper for free hugs. Eat what you like when you like or perhaps do the opposite if that’s novel for you. Splash out on something you really want or pluck up the guts to just say no!

Why not try writing a sexy journal to express your thoughts each day, then stick it on line anonymously and get a kick out of purging your soul. Its cathartic and you’ll get some useful feedback from others with unique perspectives who read it.

Emotions, sex, food, possessions, love, lust & living, shake things up by balancing and embracing your power from ALL sides of your life.


Still stuck for ideas? Why not get yourself a sugar Daddy or Mummy this Xmas or perhaps you’re in the position to be one. Find out the joys of being wined, dined and lavished with gifts. You never know, you just might end up with Bono or some other undercover aging rock star, more than happy to share some life lessons and take a few sexy holiday snaps...

Hooking up for the holiday season with someone of substantial age difference can be incredibly beneficial to both parties. On one hand you have wisdom, savvy and life experiences all washed down with a new wardrobe and vintage champagne, and on the other the fresh exuberance and energising outlook of youth, with a dash of self indulgence and healthy dollop of spontaneity to get the party started.

In the same vein, nothing shouts ‘experience’ like going a few rounds in the cage of life with a self confessed cougar, (a sexually active, socially successful woman, mature in years) willing to impart her wickedly carnal wisdom on a willing young buck like yourself.

Age gaps provide numerous mutual benefits and disapproving of these kind of hook-ups on the numbers front alone is so ten years ago. It’s easy to forget there are so many eligible opportunities out there, just waiting a couple of mouse clicks beyond your usual or ‘predictable’ age range.


Why not step out of your comfort zone and date the opposite of your normal type - I know of at least 3 successful marriages that started like this.

Do you realise that 90% of your partner preferences have been unconsciously implanted in your brain by social suggestions like advertising, friends, media and who’s hot on TV at the moment, rather than genuine evolutionary compatibility. Which means unless we are smart enough to read through the brainwashing - there are a whole bunch of hotties flying under your radar… criminal!

Let’s face it, how many of your ‘type’ have you hooked up with before everything went down in flames? If you keep listening to this intrusive social programming, like a moth to a flame, you’re going to keep getting burnt.

So don’t judge book by its cover. You never know, that person whose profile you just deleted could have been the love of your life. Next time why not take a moment to find the connection and unwrap the packaging


It’s no fluke that RHP covers so many great ways of improving your life. The entire RHP team, the Love Gods as I like to call them, immerse themselves in modern dating and relationship culture every moment of every day, and each of them want to share their enthusiasm, experiences and knowledge with you.

So make good use of the unique tools, features, functions and friends they provide for you here on line, and let RHP be a part of improving your love & life.

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