Is my boyfriend having an affair?

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The last few months I have begun to think my boyfriend might have another woman on the side. I have good intuition but is there any signs I should be looking for before I confront him?
Well, in my experience, women’s intuition is often scary good. Having said that, I have also seen my share of women who have ruined perfectly good relationships because of paranoia, so let’s be careful.
Most men wear who they are on their sleeves. Like gamblers with easy to spot ‘tells’, it’s usually not hard to see if they are bluffing. Here are some giveaways to watch out for:
1)   He smells different -  Ok, so ‘female’ perfume on the shirt may be a dead giveaway but did you know our hormones change our scent? When our sex drive hormones kick-up a notch it can alter our scent. I know it sound nuts but give him a good sniff and you may notice he smells more sexual, or just different.

2)   He guards his phone more -  No more leaving it on the table, texts are done with a little more caution. Calls are taken out of the room and there is a defensive or panicked look on his face when you ask him who it was.

3)   He will suddenly and uncharacteristically act nice – When guilt kicks in so does the overcompensation. Maybe he is extra snuggly on the couch or brings home impromptu flowers. Of course, he may have just read “The 5 love languages” and actually be making an effort, but if this affection wanes quickly each time it happens - it is a red flag.

4)   He becomes distant - When he stops communicating and instead engrosses himself in his own world, he is either stressed, busy or distracted by someone else.

5)   There is a big change in your sex life – He becomes lazy or selfish in bed or just avoids it altogether.

6)   He picks fights - He starts blaming you for little things, picking faults or generally being a dick.

7)   His whereabouts become weird – He is illusive about where he is or where he is going. When he does tell you he is either vague, agitated or over detailed.

8)   He is at work a lot – With clients, working late more than usual? Of course, he could just be stressed out trying to pay the mortgage early so he can take you on holiday or he could be using work as cover.

Just remember, one or two of these signals do not make him a cheater. However if he ticks 7 or 8 you might want to consider your options.

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Posted: Mar, 20 2018

The difference is consent. When two parties swing, they know what the other party is up to. Swingers can cheat on their partners also. It is deceitful behaviour. Going outside of boundaries.
Posted: Mar, 16 2018
Why doesn’t she ask him, and say either she’s ok with, if she can know the details, or she’s ok so long as he maintains x y and z with her or lastly she’s not ok with it and whilst he can avoid admitting it, in time, his guilt will get the better of him
Posted: Mar, 14 2018
These questions posted on a swingers site..... makes me wonder if she isn’t seeing men ‘ on the side ‘ too...

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