I am afraid to tell women online that I cross dress

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Hi guys. I don’t know if you deal with stuff like this but I like to wear lingerie when I have sex. I have dated a few girls online but have been too afraid tell them I have been cross dressing for years.
Never be ashamed of who you are, but realise there are lots of reasons people cross-dress, starting with novelty and fun and ending up in deep emotional issues. Can I suggest, before it becomes an issue in a relationship, that you take a little time to find out what drives you to do this first?

Why do I say that? Because if it does spring from something negative: a past trauma or unaddressed issue it may end up causing you unnecessary pain in future relationships. Like a girl with Daddy issues who uses sex to compensate for lack of love, it is not only unhealthy for the girl but for the relationships she has too.

So, do a little soul searching, then when you know yourself better you will find it easier to be open with partners about how you feel and why. Dressing up can be fun and dressing up in kinky ways is a great way to express the other sides of yourself and get the juices flowing. So, don’t worry so much about how they will see you and focus more on how you see yourself. The rest will come naturally.

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Posted: Nov, 26 2018
We love it.. its is no where near as scary as you think.. you will find some with the same kink.. just jump in
Posted: Sep, 04 2018
I love to crossdress when having bi sex
Posted: Jul, 01 2018
As a long time cross dresser I agree you need to find out what it is that you like and be happy within yourself. I love dressing as the alternative me and although me wife is not into it, understands that it is important to support as it makes me me.
In the past 20 years I have met and am friends with many CD's and we all have our different needs. For some it is most definitely sexual, others something that we like for other reason. Find out what works for you, someone that loves and support you for who you are and your world will he a wonderful place. Good luck.
Posted: Jun, 30 2018
Beautifully worded reply! Spot on advice. 👌
Posted: Jun, 29 2018
How do you make you're profile so only women can see
Posted: Jun, 28 2018
I find it very hot and a big turn on if a guy likes to wear lingerie. Especially if they have a nice sexy ass. Mmmmmm.
Posted: Jun, 28 2018
Many years ago I had a casual partner who asked me to buy some lacy knickers in his size.
I loved him for trusting me with his kink.
After that we would compare knickers when we were together, I never dared wear my home girl biege when going to see him 😉

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