How to punch above your weight - YOUR SECRET WEAPON

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So you’re not the smartest tool in the shed, the hottest rock in the fire or the sexiest bomb in the B52? What...
So you’re not the smartest tool in the shed, the hottest rock in the fire or the sexiest bomb in the B52?

What hope do you possibly have of hitting over your weight and taking home that 9 out of 10 Mr or Mz yummalot.

Let’s face it, what hope do you have of hitting under your weight and taking home anyone at all?

Well don’t panic. Fortunately for the mere mortals amongst us, Mother Nature bestowed every one of us with a secret weapon so powerful that even the meek become mighty when it’s turned on

So let me ask you this. In this busy, busy, fast food, stress riddled, internet enabled life of yours, how many of you have actually learnt how to really connect to another human being.

No I’m not talking about setting up your iPhone or Facebook account. I’m talking about learning the art of seeing into another persons soul.

These days it is a lost art for the masses, but not so the ultra successful. Ask anyone how they felt when they met Bill Clinton, The Dalai Lama, Donald Trump, Oprah, Anthony Robins or any of these mega stars and you will get the same reply. “I felt like I was the only person in the room when they were talking to me”.

That is a skill that is learnt, and people who want to influence people practice it day in and day out until the presence they exude when talking to you literally blinds you.

So why is connection so powerful and how do you use it to punch above your weight.

Today’s dating world is chocka block full of peacocks, both male and female. All desperately trying to be seen and heard. In a recent survey, over 87% of people believed they were not adequately listened to and I’m betting some of you could be included in that list.

So what happens when out from all the dick waving, feather flapping, sabre rattling, grandstanding come a piercing focus with one intent - to listen and see your soul.

If you don’t believe me just look deep in the eyes of the next person you talk to. Breathe into your heart and pay absolute attention to what they say.

Don’t add your 2 cents worth, just keep the ‘space’ by being 100% present and asking questions designed to bring out emotions like - ‘How did you feel about that’, ‘How does that make you feel now’……Then sit back, let them pour out their soul and ever so slowly fall in love with you without any effort.

When they are done they will believe you have been the greatest conversationalist on the planet and a strange affect will occur - their guarded ‘loser spotting goggles’ will be replaced by a new set of natural alcohol free rose coloured glasses.

Don’t forget connection takes practice. So get to work and not only will you never be alone again... you’ll get to experience the best, most intense romance, relationships and sex a human can have.

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Posted: Jun, 25 2013
looks good
Posted: Sep, 27 2012
I seem to attract alot of gay guys or older woman and they all say the samething, you must pick up alot of girls ??? Im too emabarrassed to tell them that is far from the case. I think they talk to me becasue they have nothing too lose. So why do i struggle with girls my age that are good looking ?
Posted: May, 16 2012
So in other words, engage in active listening?
Posted: Mar, 25 2012
Great advice, thanks.
Posted: Jan, 11 2012
Very very true, I have been told on numerous occasions that I'm very good with people and manage to pick out peoples true colors within a few moments of conversation due to the art of listening. It gives you a huge perspective on situations that surround us in every day life.
Posted: Oct, 12 2011
My golden rule; don't ever - EVER interrupt. Despite how important the thing you want to say is. The art of listening - truly listening, is a lost one...

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