How do I get noticed more?

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Hi Bessie and Geoff. I really love your column and some of your tips have made a big difference in by life, but I still have a hard time getting noticed. Is there something out of the box that I could try that might make a woman notice me more.
So, you want something a little out of the box and have tried everything else? Ok, well here is a ‘getting noticed hack’ you might be able to have some fun with.
A recent study at the University of Oklahoma found that women have a strange penchant for guys who are attached, compared to guys who are single. Yes, it’s true! Women were 90% more likely to rate a guy attractive if they knew he had a girlfriend or even close female friends.
Compare that to the 54% who rated a guy more attractive if he were single and you can see we are on to something here. So, simply by having a women around you – you can boost your attractiveness by nearly 40%!
This is hardly surprising from an evolutionary perspective. Our brains have to take in a lot of data when it comes to dating, so if we can cut and paste someone else’s experience it saves us a lot of hard work and that is what is happening here. Think of it as the YELP of dating!
Seeing you with other girls subconsciously tells the new female you must be

a) Girl friendly
b) Safe
c) Potentially a good catch

So, get to it – take a few girls (who are friends) with you next time you go out. Or take some extra photos with women and post them on your profile. Maybe say you are ‘in a relationship but looking’ and watch what happens to your hit rate.

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Posted: Apr, 05 2018
*are not everyone’s cup of tea 😉
Posted: Apr, 05 2018
I’m going to have to disagree. I have read plenty of profiles that state ‘no attached guys’ so even if they may find that person attractive, that does not mean they want them as a partner. Stick to being honest, make your profile as easy to read as possible and not the same old lines everyone uses. Be polite and straight forward as to what you are looking for and don’t be a ‘time waster’. I find women appreciate it more when your are up front and honest. Don’t forget we are all everyone’s cup of tea. Good luck!
Posted: Apr, 04 2018
On the contrary, honesty stands out to me on here. Share who you really are, what you like and what you want. My interest is piqued by the hello's that are playful yet have taken 2minutes to actually be interested in who I am...

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