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Gushing Like a Geiser

I met L in a small bar in Perth.
After a couple of drinks we headed up to our room in the adjoining hotel. It was tasteful and overlooked the main drag. With the windows open and the sounds of laughter in the streets below we kissed and undressed unhurriedly. Savouring in the delights of...

All About the Bass?

Do guys really care about size? how many guys go for bigger girls and what turns them on about bigger girls.
I'm starting to lose faith that I will ever find a man.

To Scream or Not to Scream?

In general are women very vocal during sex or do most prefer to be quiet? Also is it possible to be too loud?

One Woman & Two Men

Do women in general have fantasies about two guys in a threesome situation?

Porn Star Sex?

1- How can adult film stars have such hard anal sex?
2- How can I do the same thing with my husband?, maybe not as hard core lol.
Thanks for your time in reading this I look forward to your reply.



Slow VS Fast?

What do you do if you are a slow mover and the guy goes really fast?! How do you counter that?

A Hairy Question.

This is a grooming question. I've tried shaving - nicked myself. Tried waxing - bruise too easy. Tried creams - doesn't get all the hair, smells & grows back too quick & leaves little red dots.

What is the best to keep myself smooth?

Go Away, UTI!

It seems that everytime I have sex, I get a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). This is even if I use condoms or without condoms. I will bleed for a few days and be all crampy and peeing all the time. What is this and why does it happen?

The Feared Fanny Fart!

Hi. I wanted to ask is it normal to fanny fart afterwards from fucking doggystyle? after me and my partner finish and i start to get up and move around i begin fanny farting and im so embarassed that im not trying to to do this by choice it just happens only in this position. is there anything wrong?...

Sexy At Any Size?

I understand that a skinny girl is more attractive, but does this really matter?

I am 5"4 and 80kg, so a little over weight.
I find myself to be good in bed, but dont have the confidence to go after the hottest guy because i think he wont be interested because of my size...

does this really...

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