Ask Samantha: Men's Sexual Issues

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Premature Ejaculation - Help!

Hi I am wondering what the beat treatment/cure is for PE? Thanks

Do Women Enjoy Pegging?

Do girls like pegging a man?

Becoming a Sub Slave

G'day Samantha.
Just putting myself out there would love your thoughts and input.
I've been single nearly 1 year and I've been having fun but I find myself thinking about being used as a slave to a couple.
When I was in a relationship I never had these thoughts.
Now I find myself thinking about orally...

Tips For First Time MFM

We are going to be doing a MFM with a new male, he has not done this before. What suggestions would you have for us, to make the night a lot of fun ?

Safe Sex Training

After 12 glorious years together we decided to open our marriage and try the swinging thing.  We love it.
There is one issue however. He's having to use condoms for the first time in 12 years and he already has insane stamina. He says he can barely feel anything through them and struggles to maintain...

Ruined by a Big Cock?

Hi Sam,been in a relationship now for bout 20 yrs with a hot mid thirties whore.this profile is here so I can get some advice.we have had an awesome sex life and done it all.Since the start big cocks have been in da mix.She loves my 5.5" uncut cock, to date she has had 16 cocks in her pussy inc a black...

Vodka and Vagina Don't Mix

Dear Samantha,

Do girls like having their pussy licked whilst pouring Vodka over it????

Reverse Gang Bang

Sam, I have always wondered about having a reverse gang bang to test my sexual stamina.  Is this weird? If it were able to be done, how and where could it be done? Are any women into this?

Al Fresco Self Love

Outdoor masturbation. Ok or weird?

Pubic On Hair on Guys – Yes or No?

just wondering about pubic hair on guys. i have hairless balls and pubes trimmed short. what do girls prefer? a bit more hair, how i have it or completely hairless? or is it an age thing? as in older women prefer a bit more hair?

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