Am I A Lesbian?

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I have had boyfriends all my life but recently I have been attracted to women more and more. Am I a lesbian? I don’t understand what is happening!
Years ago society was thrust into a brave new world where gay relationships were acceptable. Unfortunate, despite this revolution, we brought all the baggage of the straight relationships with us, and gay people, once ‘out', felt they had to be gay forever.

Recently the role of gender fluidity has come roaring into the spotlight and science is showing us that it’s just not as simple as that. Humans are far more sexually fluid than we realise, as anyone who ‘experimented’ in University will tell you.

My advice: accept your sexual preferences in the moment, and whatever you do - don’t put yourself into a box you might later regret and feel you cannot escape from.

Plenty of people who were once ‘Gay’ end up in perfectly good hetero marriages. And plenty of people who are primarily straight enjoy gay experiences.

Don’t let society pack, label and box you - because when they do, what should ultimately an expression of your freedom can end up the cause of your oppression.

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Posted: Feb, 09 2018
I think I like to try put my lips to her pussy using my tongue to circle her wet clit tickling her with my tongue sucking her juices I am keen
Posted: Nov, 25 2017
Very true and i feel excellent advice. I love the smell of women.the shape of women especially breasts. Having said that i do overall prefer a man bit happy to enjoy whichever turns me on.

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