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Happily Married mid 40s couple, open minded, highly sexual, looking for fun times with other couples or single ladies

I'm a very curious and experimental person, that means sexually too!

Couple for 8 years and recently married. Both 26 years of age and looking to start trying MFF fun with someone we can feel comfortable with. We are completely new to this and would appreciate your patience with us as this is all unknown for us. Ideally...

Hey there, fellow explorers! 🌆 I'm a 29-year-old free spirit who just set foot in this incredible city and I'm on a mission to make every moment count. Life's too short for routine, right? I'm all about experimenting, trying new things, and soaking...

G'day! 🌏 I'm a 29-year-old adventurer who recently landed in this beautiful Aussie city and ready to explore both the city lights and the hidden gems. I've got a taste for trying new things and embracing life's exciting twists. Whether it's diving...