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Get Naked Australia! Sun's out, buns out - it's the Aussie way. And one Instagram page from Down Under is making waves by encouraging...

Rebecca Daniels | January 31 2017

Get Naked Australia!

Sun's out, buns out - it's the Aussie way. One Instagram page from Down Under is making waves by encouraging everyone to ditch the threads and enjoy beautiful landscapes the way nature intended - butt naked!

Get Naked Australia has over 55,000 followers and - according to their Instagram bio - they are all about 'promoting body positivity through fun, healthy outdoor nudity from all over the world!' Hard to argue with that. Their Instagram page is full of images of Aussies of all shapes and sizes baring all in the hopes of spreading that body positive message to love the skin your in and embrace your bod - no matter what shape or size. 

Here are some of our favourite shots from their page:

We're lovin' not just the bare butt beauty of this image, but the athleticism displayed! 

..They're also into supporting good causes.

How stunning is this waterfall shot?


These ladies might have given literal meaning to the saying 'freezing your butt off'...but we reckon this breathtaking shot is worth it!


How about this killer view of the famous Golden Gate bridge?


..even celebrities are getting on the bandwagon with DJ Tigerlily baring her behind below the surface. 

Get Naked Australia describe this image as 'one of the balliest photos' that they've received - figuratively, not literally, thanks to some strategic leg placement.

And last but certainly not least, one of the most 'liked' images from the page...

It's not hard to see why the image has been so popular. Suffer proudly for your art, we say!

Why not visit the Get Naked Australia Instagram page - or check out their Facebook page -  and strip down for your own nature lovin' nudey snap? And let us know below your take on the #normalisenudity trend and outdoor nudity in general!

And while we've got you here, mosey on over to our Amateur Pics section - another celebration of nudity in all its forms and the OG 'get naked' page!

Credit: getnakedaustralia (Instagram)


  • ozynudies

    07 Feb 2017

    Nothing more relaxing...

  • BeachOasis

    02 Feb 2017

    The positive body image message is fantastic. Congrats GNA

  • BODD01

    01 Feb 2017

    Love the topic and pictures. Thanks all that have contributed.

  • stormieleerides

    01 Feb 2017


  • 2more4fun

    01 Feb 2017

    Good read and great pics, thanks. Makes us want to get naked somewhere.

  • chilled6064

    31 Jan 2017

    Cool pics (& hot bods!!!)

  • joanne1991

    31 Jan 2017

    Love the story and the freedom