What to wear to a Lifestyle UV Glow Party?

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Ever wanted to go to a Glow party? Don't know what to wear? Check this guide out and put it to use this weekend....

Neon parties are awesome! They’re super fun to host and attending this theme is one of the highlights of being in the Lifestyle.

If you haven’t’ attended one yet and you’re curious about what to wear this article is for you.

It’s important to understand if your party is a Glow / Neon or UV Black light, as there is a big difference. Before we get started let’s talk about the difference.

Light Party - this is a party you could wear neon and lights to but your clothes won’t necessarily glow. Still fun.

Blacklight / UV / Glow Party - A bulb called beyond violet or "ultraviolet" -- this is a fluorescent effect, which makes your neon colours and white glow. (these are much more expensive than standard lights)

As with any Lifestyle theme, my mantra is wearing something sexy but fun and if you can incorporate some interaction into your costume than that’s extra Swinger points! Wear and take along extra accessories, hand them out as a good conversation starter and be the life of the party.

Dresses + Tutu’s

There’s a ton of UV Glow Dresses out there on amazon, the most common style is the one below, you can wear this with a yellow, orange or white bikini. Personally, I go mad crazy for glow or light up Tutu’s, I’ve probably bought 10 of them in the past 4 years in the lifestyle and each time I have an absolute ball in them plus they’re cheap enough that sometimes I give them away mid party.

There’s a lot of different styles of tutu’s, you can play with colour, length, number of lights or layers. With dresses you can also pair with matching fishnet stockings or fishnet sleeves.

From $10.00 on Amazon                   Tutu $14.00 on Amazon                 $8.00 on Amazon


There are so many fun and funky accessories out there to play with, everything from glow and light up shoe laces and hair pieces to light up string! Get funky and creative with your pieces.

If you want to just turn up at a UV blacklight party in all white that’s totally cool and the best bit is you’ll still glow BUT if you want to jazz up with some fun lights you can always consider some accessories like light up ties or suspenders.

Most of the accessories you’ll find also come in a range of light up colours so you can compliment the colours or your dates outfit! Buying a few accessories from Amazon also means that you don’t need a full outfit and can re-use stuff for other parties.

Suspenders $24.00                                        Bow Tie $24.00                            Tie $24.99 

Handy Colour Tip:

The best colours to glow under UV blacklight are; Fluro green, pink, yellow and orange. Basically, the brighter the colour the greater chance you’ll glow!

Make up and Paint:

If you’re going all out you could add some extra UV factor and buy some UV make up, body paint or wigs! Don’t be afraid to experiment, lots of this stuff is water soluble meaning that you can just wash it off easy.

Neon Body Paint $10.00

Final Touches and DIY:

You can always create your own outfit from scratch. If you’re really creative there’s a bunch of glow bodyart and stickers online and you can also create a fun light up outfit by wearing all black and using rope to colour the seams of your jacket and pants. 

                                   $10.00 Rope on Amazon                         $12.00 a Pair of glasses

Don’t be afraid to mix and match purchased items with some costumes you might already have at home. For our next party in February, Glow Sxxxy with Libertine Events, I’ll be wearing a tutu with pink fishnet stockings and a white bikini because I want to get my body paint on. Click through event poster below for more details.

On a side note, those coming to our party there will be party posters which will be placed at the front door of the venue so you know where to go.


Our friends at OSS host a Glow party on the 4th Saturday of each month, which also happens to be this weekend. If you're in Sydney, it's a party not miss.

Glow party SYDNEY

If you really want to get frisky you could even wear a white or glow butt plug tail or some sex toy accessories, you’d be surprised how much a glow in the dark dildo can really shine at a Lifestyle UV Blacklight party!

Have fun and don’t take the event too seriously!

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