Top Tips For Single Male Profiles

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We here at RedHotPie have decided that it’s high time we created a list of do’s and don’ts for our newcomers on...
Keep those restricted shots for the Private Galleries

This one causes some hot debate between members but the majority prefer a little mystery. Some members state that they like to see what they’re getting into (or rather, what might be getting into them) before meeting. To satisfy both schools of thought, chuck them in your PG and give access when you make contact with a member, with a polite heads up that it contains restricted pics. The member can decide whether they’d like to click or not, without copping an eyeful of junk when they click on your profile. Keep in mind that Guest members can’t view these pics, so having one as your main profile pic isn’t necessarily a great idea anyway, and you won’t show up in search results.

Don’t have a vulgar username

Hardnhorny4u, touchmytool, 9inchnthick, swallowmypole…You know what’s hilarious about these names? They weren’t the only crude usernames that I came up with, but they were the only ones that weren’t in use! Unless you want to attract a vulgar kind of person (each to their own), this kind of name ain’t doing you any favours. Most users are turned off by them and they’ll probably put you right into the ‘no’ pile without so much as a cursory glance at your profile as it gives zilch insight into your personality...unless your only worthwhile trait is your nine inch…Well… ‘Nuff said.

Don’t just use template profiles/messages

It’s okay to start off with a template profile if you’re not sure what to write, but then have a quick browse of other profiles to see how you can add a personal touch to your profile. There’s nothing unique about them and they tell other members nothing about you except that you’re lazy, which might lead them to think that you’ll be lazy in bed too. If they just wanted a penis without a person(ality) attached to it, they’d buy a dildo. Make your profile unique, rather than just one of a million interchangeable profiles written in haste by tools with their tools in hand looking for quick release. If you’re serious about meeting people it’s worth the effort and usually you don’t need to write a novel (in fact, don’t). Keep it to a paragraph if you like but make every word count. A generic ‘hot profile. meet?’ and treating them like a dumping ground for your baby gravy will probably get no response, or at least not a positive one.

Read profiles properly

Sure, we get that some of the profiles out there read like badly written romance novels, but women don’t want to feel like one in a long line of women that you’re trying to tick off your ‘fuck-et’ list. Show genuine interest by taking the time to read the profile over. Not only does it help you write a personalised message - which scores you brownie points and makes you stand out from the masses – but it ensures that you meet their criteria and are compatible. If you don’t meet someone’s criteria, don’t waste your time (and theirs) by messaging them. You may get frustrated by the lack of response when you’re just barking up the wrong tree. Find the right tree! Simple.

Play nice

Some people turn (the wrong kind of) nasty when sent a message that they don’t want. Putting the reasons why they do aside, receiving a snippy reply back to your message doesn’t make it okay to start being abusive. Be the bigger man and hit the block button so you don’t make the mistake of contacting them again then move on. Report them if you feel the verbal attack was unwarranted and crossed the line. Some women do know one another so if you start making a name for yourself as a brute amongst them, you’re not going to get far. Just ignore mean people and concentrate on people who have validations or are verified.

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Posted: Jan, 23 2019
Hmmmm very helpful
Posted: Dec, 04 2018
I have had changed my profile so many times that I don't think I know who I am or what I want. It's so easy to be misunderstood or your words taken out of context, I have realised that the simplest profiles are the best. After 100 attempts I think that I have finally got it right.
Posted: Nov, 27 2018
I am by no means old. and could not be called wise but if you are not being you then what is the point. we are all looking for acceptance of who we are. so why be fake what does that actually earn you. its liked cheating on a test in school. you might have gotten an A. but what is it actually worth if it wasn't for real.
Posted: Feb, 10 2018
.....and if you can, get hold of a dog! Women AND men react positively to men who are seen to be kind to animals!
Posted: Nov, 18 2017
Hey guys very new at this gig so be patient with me cheers
Posted: Mar, 26 2017
tried to join but computer wont let me
Posted: Jan, 13 2017
It doesn't matter if you literally get no attention while being yourself.
Posted: Dec, 18 2016
A nice photo hot sexy be clean tidy smile ex; topless sexy undies/jeans bottom half of face or sunny's on if you don't want to show your face or nice shirt open showing some chest and jeans
Posted: Aug, 22 2016
Hi guys need to ask a couple of simple questions please , I have just joined but don't know where to start and want to make sure I'm soo g the right things to meet the rhp community is there a guide or step by step process where it explains if I have to flirt first then message second as when I am sending someone a flirt and press finish the page doesn't revert back to the original screen and I think my communications are lost as I'm just trying o introduce myself to some of the lovely ladies that have viewed my profile , can someone explain this to me like I'm a 5 year old lol
Posted: Jun, 21 2015
Be the only person you truly can, yourself.
Posted: Sep, 18 2014
Just be real!
Posted: Aug, 14 2014
So true. My wife's first turn off is penis pics. Seriously, keep it for the meet. They're generally ugly things, but purposeful. Tell us they're not tiny, enough :) Bighungstudwhorefucker69 is not that best turn on for a username. Think about it. FACE PICTURES are the winner. A women fucks your face first. A nice face pic will win in most cases.
Posted: Aug, 11 2014
Thanks, what is the best step if you get the no response treatment?
Posted: Aug, 11 2013
Hi :) What if their (ladies) profiles are templates and they do not give you anything to work with?

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