Taste of Love Festival -Told by RHPer

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This was an intimate festival of 250 people descending upon Byron Bay...

What better place to visit than the alternative nature and beauty of hedonistic Byron Bay. A far cry from the 70s, this hippy destination was the perfect spot for the taste of love festival.

One of our close RHP friends went to this festival and here is what she has to say about it:

I had the pleasure of attending this festival for 3 days I can say I was super excited this time around to be purchasing my tickets for the second year. Last year they sold out so quickly I nearly missed it! 

This was an intimate festival of 250 people descending upon Byron Bay in their pure state of love, acceptance and happiness. 

I had the opportunity to try out a few fantasies of which I had been wanting to try but had yet had the chance to fulfil. Being an RHP veteran of 14 years I've seen my share of great experiences, but this was on a different level than anything I have ever witnessed and nothing like your typical old fashion orgy on a Saturday night.

There was an opening ceremony which drew the curiosity in and set the tone for the weekend. The presenter was the witty Mr Peter Walker and I have to say we all had a voice crush on this man.

Four painted topless men and woman came out and proceeded to simulate an organism sound induced contemporary dance.

They take you on a journey to ease you into this intense fun weekend, from boundaries & consent class to a tantric wonderland... the weekend is full of naughty soul searching experiences.

One of my favourite classes was up first.

Tantric instruction to show many special techniques to release emotions. 

If you are having a bad day, in the car driving or dealing with difficult situations, there was a process shown on how to have an orgasmic emotional release!! ??

Evenings is where it started to get interesting... I've never heard of Eros dancing before, but from what I gathered from this experience were 3 beautiful women simulating different energies flowing through the music playing. Each in their own beautiful flow. 

We then followed with our own interpretation, there was a chance to get naked need I say more.

A touch of Whale yoga was thrown in to start the second morning and hands down the most interesting yoga style I've ever encountered.

Shibari Rope tying class was an eye opener, with couples tying each other up in the traditional Shibari and the modern style of Shibari with group tying.

This was an Intense session with my skin feeling electric and sensitive. I could not help but feel like we were doing sexy hog tying. However, It was the connection between the 2 or more people that blew my mind with this practice.

Cacao dance party was so much fun! The experienced musician played music from slow to intense rave style while drinking energetic cacao and some consensual nudity popping in and out of the crowd was a nice surprise.

BDSM meets tantric class was a brushed overclass on setting boundaries during a BDSM session and how we can change our view on our lives to what turns us on.

Cock worship was as it sounds, with a beautiful demonstration from the amazing Shaney and partner of a tantric massage then a chance for hands-on playtime for participants to demonstrate their new skills on our partners.

I've attended many festivals worldwide and this one is one not to be missed. I believe everybody should explore themselves internally and externally from a tantric experience and perspective.

It makes us feel more, think more and be a better person in all our relationships. Be prepared to let your guard down and step out of your comfort zone to feel the intense pleasure this festival brings.

I'm left with a space wanting more and ready to learn within this realm as it really is a taste and I want the whole pie.

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Posted: Jan, 01 2019
How old are the people how go ?
Posted: Jul, 27 2018
So pretty I wish join you
Posted: Jul, 27 2018
And I go to Byron just for the surfing....

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