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With the Hot Pics Theme being Bootylicious bums we thought we would run with the theme and talk anal. Experts estimate...
With the Hot Pics Theme being Bootylicious bums we thought we would run with the theme and talk anal. Experts estimate one in four straight couples have had anal sex, arguably making it the most popular of sexual taboos. Yet while many people are at the very least curious enough to try it, few go about it the right way. The result? They have a negative experience, and never do it again. Now that’s not cool! So, RHP has some handy tips for all you anal virgins out there so you too can experience the pleasures of backdoor loving.

We live in a very butt phobic culture. Look at our language: rude, inconsiderate people are "assholes" and uptight stress cases are "tight asses." While it's true that we carry a phenomenal amount of our stress in our asses, there's tremendous pleasure to be experienced from the concentration of nerve endings clustered in and around the anus.

The idea of anal sex is often a turn-on. Most men like the promise of tightness and friction, and both partners can appreciate the allure of unique physical sensations coupled with domination/submission. Think those qualities make it deviant? Maybe so, but they also make it intensely intimate. As porn star Jenna Jameson wrote of anal sex in her 2004 autobiography, “I’ve only given that up to three men, all of whom I really loved. Doing it on camera would be compromising myself.”

Anal sex can be scary for many and many women find the idea of anal pretty daunting. At first, I was terrified of having anal sex, but being a pretty sexually adventurous lass I just had to try it. My partner is a bum man. He loves my bum; loves touching it, grabbing it, spanking it and of course, like most men, sticking his penis in it. Here are some tips and advice I would like to pass on to all you RHPer’s out there who haven’t or are too scared to try anal. They helped me enjoy the experience and hopefully it will help you enjoy it too!

Lube up

Before you do anything, go out and get yourself some good lubrication! The anus does not naturally lubricate upon arousal like the vagina does so lube is oh so very important! Lubrication will help prevent tears and will make the deed more comfortable for the girl. DO NOT let anyone go near your ass without lube!

Test the waters

My partner also hadn’t done the deed both so we were both anal virgins, which made it a bit more comfortable. I found the best way to start is to experiment. Start by either you or your partner inserting a well lubed finger into your anus so that you can become comfortable with the sensation it brings. Feeling naughty? Why not try a sex toy instead of a finger, the choice is yours.

Choose a position that suits you

The most common position for anal sex is for the girl to be on all fours and the guy kneeling behind her. Personally I don’t like this position because it enables the guy to have full control of the thrust & speed. Instead, I found it much more comfortable to lie on my stomach and for my partner to lie on top and do it that way. The skin-on-skin contact is much more personal and intimate and your partner is close enough so that he can kiss your neck and face.

Take it slow

Some men will get over excited and try to shove it in all at once! Impatient! Impatient! I found it a lot more uncomfortable when my partner would try and ease his penis in all in one go. Tell your partner to slowly thrust his penis in and out, going deeper as he does so. This way you can get used to the feeling instead of having it thrust on you all at once. Take things slowly and when you feel comfortable, then fasten the pace.

Breathe and Relax

This is very hard to do when you are having anal sex but it is so important! The first reaction that you will most likely experience when the penis enters is to clench your bum muscles. When I had anal for the first time this was my first reaction and it made it so much more painful! I mentally calmed myself down, took some deep breathes and relaxed. Taking those deep breathes helped me calm down and relax and after a while I really started to enjoy it. If you still can’t relax, ask your partner to give you a little massage while he tries again.

I hope that my tips and advice will help some of you guys and gals out there enjoy anal sex. Once you are comfortable and enjoying yourself why not mix things up a bit? There is a huge variety of anal sex toys out there for you to try and enjoy. Also remember anal sex can be very enjoyable for the lads too so next time you are having a sex, why not have a play and see how he likes it. Have any more anal sex tips and advice or want to tell us about your anal sex experience? We love hearing about your sexual shenanigans so head to the forums and educate us!

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Posted: Mar, 28 2019
I wish I could find some one to trust to give me my first try at anal
Posted: Jul, 11 2017
An activity that can be shared by each other! Anal for her and pegging for him.
Fun times
Posted: May, 26 2016
you forgot the most important part,a douche out prior to anal sex ,you have to be clean inside ,try a syringe of water several times then sit on the toilet and let go, then hop in the shower
Posted: Apr, 08 2015
My best suggestion is to have a "Clean" out first. My wife uses a soft squirty bottle of warm water as she sits on the toilet. She keeps squirting until it comes out clean. Makes the act a lot more pleasant...
Posted: Mar, 28 2015
Tamala, I wouldn't recommend it. There has to be some kind of connection between the people and a connection where the guy will respect your limits! I have had some awesome experiences with women off these dating sites, but anal has to be done the right way. Otherwise negative experience for you!
Posted: Jan, 16 2015
Is it a bad idea to meet a stranger for a first anal experience?
Posted: Dec, 26 2014
don't forget that once his cock has been inside your date, its covered in bacteria and it s a really bad idea to go from arse to vagina without a wash with soap first.
Posted: Jun, 07 2014
I love to lick a Girls Bumhole for lubricating purposes as well! I find that it gives her Anal pleasures as well as get her prepared for a good old fashioned Anal love making session!! I Love Anal Sex!! A a Girls Bum is Yum!!!
Posted: Jan, 25 2014
small toys are good to play with for anal... good tip. use condoms on them as this will keep them cleaner and safe for other things

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