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Travel to Asia and celebrate Halloween with RHP new partners and global event organisers Libertine Events by Swinging...

Spring is around the corner and with it comes prospects of new adventures. Get ready for a series of new and wild sexy parties sweeping across Asia.

Whether it’s in Thailand, Bali or the jewel of Asia -Singapore, RedHotPie is in the midst of the excitement right here and abroad.

This time RedHotPie are partnering with event organisers to bring you a series of sexy parties in Asia, beginning with Halloween party in Singapore.

Hot Halloween party is organised by Libertine Events by Swinging Downunder. You probably heard of Swinging Downunder podcast who cover all topics of the swinging lifestyle.

I have had an interesting chat with C&D from Libertine Events to find out who they are and what inspires them to do what they do:

"D and I have been hosting our podcast since we started swinging in 2014. The podcast has changed a lot since its inception which was originally all about our journey in the non-monogamous lifestyle. We now talk about our global swinging adventures; hosting events and how different countries approach ethical non-monogamy." Cate says.

"We started hosting events originally as C&D in Sydney, this evolved into hosting Swinging Downunder Pub Crawls which has now evolved into ‘Libertine Events’ by SDU. We wanted to start hosting events that allowed people to meet, mingle and gather in a safe, fun space where you had the opportunity to make pants on and off friends. We started hosting small gatherings and then decided to host larger events for our pub crawls and now we are hosting events all over the world. It’s such an amazing feeling hosting events, we get the opportunity to meet fantastic people and if the swinger gods are willing we may even play Swinger Cupid for a couple or two. "

When I asked about their events, here is what they had to say...

"Our latest events in Australia were both pub crawls, one in Sydney and the latest in Perth, WA. The Perth one was an absolute blast and Perth people really turned up the heat! We visited three different pubs that knew we were hosting a pub crawl for non-monogamous couples and then finally boarded the party bus to head out of town to visit a local swingers club where we danced the night away with a Neon party. (Sorry Wayne for the neon paint EVERYWHERE in your club) HA.

Next up we have two really exciting events scheduled, we have a Hot Halloween Party being held on the 13th October in Singapore. We have taken over an entire level of a bar/night club, hired an Aussie DJ (why not right!), the first event of its kind which is focussed on bringing the different alternate lifestyle friends in Singapore together and it 100% LGBTQI friendly!

In November we’re heading back to Cancun, Mexico to host our second annual lifestyle takeover at Desire Resort Pearl with our USA friends and fellow podcasters ‘WeGottaThing’. This year we are excited to take over 70 coupes with us to party in the ‘Happiest Adult Place on Earth.’ This event is 7 full nights away with games, drinking, dancing and Oh Oh Oooohhhhh yes so much fun. "

They then went on to tell us about their Vision for the future of Libertine Events...

"We absolutely adore hosting our podcast as Swinging Downunder and will continue to bring our wacky Aussie humour to the non-monogamous podcast realm. We have launched Libertine Events separate from our Podcast as we wanted to have more of an open mindset for our events. No matter what end of the lifestyle / non-monogamous spectrum you exist on we want to build the community and bring people together.

We’re excited at the opportunity to host events throughout the world and hopefully more open events around Asia Pacific. We want to create a holiday destination where people from Australia and Asia can travel to for a resort takeover. We’re hoping to create a safe space in South East Asia where people can join us and be their authentic selves. We may have confirmed a location with our lawyer….. (Shhhhh) and we are beginning the negotiations with resorts for full takeover rights.

We’re really excited to have created some amazing connections within the Lifestyle community all around the world including reputable brands such as RedHotPie."

Singapore has a veneer of being pristine and clean but what lies beneath away from plain sight is a thriving erotic world of sex and sensuality.

Singapore, it’s exotic and very RedHotPie kinda place … sexy, liberated and naughty, a little underground and up for just about anything! Trust the expats to explore the forbidden fruit, there’s absolutely nothing that can stop an ex-pat from having fun.

This promises to be one of the biggest parties of the year, a chance to meet the local and expat swingers. 

Want to travel and celebrate Halloween like never before? Libertine Events by SDU is organising a Halloween party in Singapore. Ex-pats, Australians on holidays and those naughty Singaporeans are all out to get this party happening.

Check RHP’s events page – Hot Halloween Party – Singapore

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