New Year's Sex resolution 2019

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Out with the old and in with the new... 20 new things to try out in the New Year ...

Let’s be real for a minute, resolutions are generally a pain.

But not so fast.

We're not talking about your ordinary NY resolution that get tossed out of the window by the second week of January.

We're talking about your sexy resolutions for 2019. 

New Year, new adventures - right? This is why sexy resolutions are the best and fun to stick to. 

Whether you choose to make New Year resolutions or not, every January feels like a new beginning, ripe with possibilities and opportunities.

Here’s a list of sexy resolutions for 2019 that you might want to tick off your list. Don’t try them all at once, wink, wink

1. Most importantly - Have more sex!

2. Try at least one new toy.

3. Figure out how to do it while standing up in in the shower without slipping.

4.  Get over your inhibitions about being LOUD!

5. Try anal … even just once.

6. Have sex somewhere other than on the bed.

7. Conquer a position you find weird and difficult.

8. Have a threesome or foursome.

9. Be tied up - go on, use those fluffy handcuffs.

10. Or heck, why not tie someone else up.

11. Sex in a car - dogging anyone?

12. Indulge in some spanking.

13. Play strip poker.

14. Sex in the broad daylight - secluded beach.

15. Using ice cubes for foreplay - tingly fun.

16. Sexual role play.

17. Sex while someone is watching.

18. Spending all day naked - nude beach, anyone?

19. Try your Hotwife fantasy.

20. Or be a cuckold couple.

It's 2019, live it up, experiment, experience, be adventurous, be safe and consensual.

A very Happy New Year to you all.

How many of these have you tried? Has any tickle your fancy? What are your resolutions for 2019? Tell us in the comment below.

Author's Corner

Christina Miller
226 articles

Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Jan, 16 2019
Oral in the open air , beach or naturist setting x Happy NY People x
Posted: Jan, 15 2019
Never thought I’d have any of those but have managed 11/20 in the last few years... now for the rest ??
Posted: Jan, 15 2019
I never thought I’d have any of those but 11/20 covered in the last two years... now for the rest ??
Posted: Jan, 13 2019
Sex on the beach in broad daylight. Haven’t done that one yet. Will try to tick that one off.
Posted: Jan, 13 2019
Sex on the beach in broad daylight. Haven’t done that one yet. Will try to tick that one off.
Posted: Jan, 12 2019
Just to have some sex this year would be good. I missed out last year
Posted: Jan, 07 2019
Hello I want sex with you
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
Just to have sex with a woman would be great
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
I’d like to: • Have sex with a woman who is 55 or older. • To be pegged. • Have my 1st 3sum.
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
1#Conquer that position that scares Me 2# always wanted to have some one watch me given head heee 3# I've be tied up pleanty I love it I havent tied any one up an in on charge b4 that cud ne a tasty an I'll leave it there for now I think great thought to start the year with??
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
14 out of 20...guess we have 6 to go hey!
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
Finding a thick curvy girl to have all those adventures with ?? ... are there any nude beaches in queensland ??
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
More nude beach action for sure
Posted: Jan, 05 2019
Running a few less parties this year but go to a few more!
Posted: Jan, 04 2019
To actually find couples or single ladies on rhp who are genuine and want to meet up would be nice lol...
Posted: Jan, 04 2019
Bring on 2019 ??
Posted: Jan, 04 2019
mmmmm let me see A nice little group say of abt 10 brave people and nooo i dont mean a gang bang lol

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