Dos and Don’ts For Taking RedHot Selfies

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To selfie or not to selfie? That is the question…. What the heck is a selfie? That’s another question. A selfie...
To selfie or not to selfie? That is the question…. What the heck is a selfie? That’s another question. A selfie is a shot taken by you of yourself. Those sexy RedHotPie-worthy shots aren’t usually the kind you’d want to ask someone else to take for you - “Excuse me boss, would you mind taking a photo of me in just a g-string straddling the photocopier? Okay, great, thanks!” In these instances, knowing how to take a good selfie is a handy skill to have. To help keep your RedHotPie profile looking seriously sexy, take these tips onboard:

Do vs Dont
  • 1: Practice to get your best angle
    Make sure that it highlights your best features and downplays your least favourite. Knowing what angle works best for you will save time getting that great shot in future selfies. A few tips on angles:
    • From above is great for ladies as it shows off your cleavage and hides tummy lumps and bumps
    • A lower angle is generally more flattering for men as it can make you look wider, in control, taller and slightly intimidating
    • Another good angle for the ladies is from the side as it will make you look slimmer
  • 2: Take lots of pictures

    The more you take, the better chance you’ve got of getting a really great one. You can be sure that this wasn’t the first pic that she took. This is a particularly important point for those RedHotPiers that consider themselves to be not very photogenic.
  • 3: Shoot in good light

    Either face a window or make sure that the lighting highlights your face - or whatever feature you may be accentuating - rather than hiding it.
  • 4: Learn to edit

    Programs such as Instagram, Vintage, Picasa and PicFrame (easily downloaded to your phone and easy to find free apps) will make editing super easy and have your photos looking pro in no time! Even a simple change to black and white can make your pic look great, as with this hot selfie…
  • 5: Be creative

    Experiment with angles, lighting and different poses, for example you can stand, lie on a bed, sit in a chair etc.
  • 6: Expose yourself

    Not literally (unless, of course, you want to…). What I mean is that you can use your pics to show your personality, for example…. Sure, a hot bod is a good place to start, but a hot bod that’s equipped with a hot brain and an appealing personality is a much bigger turn on. Make your profile stand out and be memorable by giving an insight into more than just the size of your…you know what I mean.

Do vs Dont
  • 7: Take into account your surroundings

    It’s definitely not sexy to see a photo of someone standing in front of (or on!) an open toilet or in a messy bedroom full of dirty laundry. No matter how hot you are, it will take the focus away from you. Need proof? Check out these selfie fails...
  • 8: Post photos that aren’t the ‘real’ you

    There’s nothing wrong with putting your best face (or body part) forward, but imagine how embarrassing it would be for both parties if you were waiting to meet a blind date for the first time and they walked straight past you because they didn’t recognize you. It’s awkward. Trust me, I know! Do not post a photo from five years ago (left), if you now look like this (right).

    Firstly, the person will be meeting you under false assumptions about what you look like, and secondly, you’ll be cheating all of those men out there that adore BBW’s out of meeting you because they can’t see the real you! Everyone appreciates honesty and if someone doesn’t like you for what you really look like based on your pics, then their opinion isn’t likely to change when you meet them.
  • 9: Use a flash

    It will make your skin look yellow and if you’re using a mirror it will blur you out, take this for example…
  • 10: Pull poses that look…

    unnatural, uncomfortable or that make you look like a bit of a douche bag - For a perfect example of why not…

On RedHotPie, great photos – in particular a great profile pic - can improve a profile dramatically and seriously increase profile views. It only takes a couple of minutes to fire off some happy snaps and you don’t need to use a high quality professional camera to get perfect pics. Most fairly new mobile phones come equipped with a decent camera that will do the job. So, in short, there’s no excuse for crappy profile pics! Use these ten tips as a mental checklist when taking pics to make sure you end up with quality selfies. Actually, now that I think about it, it seems that I myself have broken some of the RedHot selfie rules myself! I’m off to get snapping…

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'Profile Photos.'

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Posted: Jul, 30 2019
Light is paramount. It can make the world of difference. Highlighting your assets and angles, a great smile, fab hair and a trim body with sexy lingerie that leaves something to the imagination together with a well-written, authentic profile completes the picture!
I always get my gay male friends to do the job, as I’m not good at selfies, but love the camera, behind and in front of the!
Posted: Jul, 04 2019
I got the lady next door to take mine
Posted: Jun, 18 2018
Hello baby
Posted: Mar, 17 2017
Good photos with really bad background or nasty bedroom is off putting. Make your bed boys! 😀
Posted: Mar, 28 2016
Find a photographer! Or a friend who has some experience and a camera / good phone... You don't need to take completely nude pics in such photoshoots, and the distorted angles of the selfies really doesn't do much for anyone... There should be a mix of selfies and not... Besides, in my opinion an image with low angle (as suggested for the boys) will make a guy's stomach look larger, nullifying all those hours spent at the gym to have a "V" shaped torso... Lol...
Posted: Jan, 07 2016
I struggle at the best of times to take a nice pic, but I think I may have just won The battle.....yeah thanks guys
Posted: Jul, 12 2015
13watt LED down light kits ($20) are great way to add extra light into the shot.You can plug them directly into any household power point. 99.9% of the kits have the "live" parts touch protected, safe to handle while switched on. Just make sure you do a visual check on the area where the power lead connects to the driver (box thingy) to be sure nothing metallic is exposed. I used 2 of them for my profile pic :)
Posted: Mar, 04 2015
I need help cant take decent good selfies. Always look like crap
Posted: Dec, 03 2014
I'd defiinitely take someone up on helping out with photos as well. If there's anyone interested in helping a guy out...get in touch. Cheers!!
Posted: Apr, 27 2014
Any lady's in perth keen to take some naked pics of me for my profile? You can keep the pics of me!!
Posted: Mar, 18 2014
I need longer arms when using my tablet for to have a babe take some for me ¿???
Posted: Feb, 12 2013
Have been struggling trying to get a good pic hopeful now might be able to
Posted: Jan, 15 2013
Soo many profiles on here that i'd love to just send this link to! :P

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