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Breathe tells the true story of Robin Cavendish, a man crippled by Polio whose incredible wife Diana refused to...

Breathe tells the true story of Robin Cavendish (Andrew Garfield), a man crippled by polio whose incredible wife Diana (Claire Foy) refused to let him rot away in a hospital. Despite being just 28 when he was diagnosed and given a life expectancy of a few short, painful months, Robin and Diana go on to lead an extraordinary life of travelling, helping other polio sufferers and living – not just surviving.

What makes Breathe such a truly inspirational and moving piece of cinema is the strong performances and chemistry of the two leads Garfield and Foy. While Garfield might not move a whole lot for the majority of the movie, his tortured facial expressions and depressed silences speak volumes about the physical and emotional struggle he’s experiencing. It’s almost unbearable to watch, but you are given a very real insight into the helplessness and at times desperation that Cavendish faced after his illness first struck him down.

Foy doesn’t ask for your pity with her portrayal of his headstrong, loyal wife and is incredibly likeable as Diana. Her refusal to wallow in her own sadness and her determination to improve the life of her husband provide some of the more touching moments in the film as you see her struggle to remain strong for him. The friends that refuse to give up on Robin allow for some beautiful interactions that both lighten the mood and give some much needed comic relief.

The film perfectly manages a fine balance of emotions, all the while maintaining a pace and momentum that makes the 2 hours run time enjoyable. Breathe will have you laughing one minute then struggling to hold back the tears the next. It seamlessly transitions from depressing desolation to uplifting triumph, all the while pulling firmly at the heart strings as you invest in the lives of Robin and Diana, and their wonderfully inspirational circle of friends. Be sure to take the tissues - if you manage to go through this movie without at the very least a lump in your throat, you’re an absolute monster.

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