Behind the scenes look at Infusions swingers club

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Club Infusions - the force behind the phenomenon that is Australia's rising club....

The swinging lifestyle has been the latest craze worldwide and recently there has been a lot of media talk about the booming lifestyle in Perth.

We had a chance to visit the biggest and most popular swingers club in Perth.

Club Infusions is not your ordinary swingers club, it has been in the making for the last 8 years. Whether you have experienced it first hand or heard of it, Club Infusions has quickly become one of Australia's top swingers' club. 

Don't just take it from us, let's hear it straight from Wayne & Danielle who orchestrated Club Infusions. A club that is continuously growing to meet the needs and fantasies of couples. 

1. Infusions is now an icon in the West Australian swingers’ community, but where and how did it all start?


Eight years ago Wayne was approached to take over the running of the Pleasure Lounge in Burswood. He took on this role with excited trepidation and very limited experience but built on his background in coaching and his people skills to bring an open-minded and new perspective to the club. He changed to an invite-only format to attract a sophisticated crowd and brought new social atmosphere to events as he learnt the ingredients it takes to make a great party. Three years ago he saw indications that the Pleasure Lounge venue would not be available long term. He sought an alternative location and found our current factory unit in Belmont which is conveniently located close to the CBD and had a fit out that could be customised to create a venue with a good balance between social and play areas.


2. Running a swinger’s club is probably not all champagne and orgies, what actually goes into running a club like Infusions?


Running the club requires a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure that guests experience a venue that is comfortable, clean, organised and friendly. Day to day numerous hours are spent creating fun new event themes, screening applicants and sending invites so that each party has the right mix of ages, genders, and balanced ratios that create a successful event. The reward of running the club is to see an ever-increasing number of new guests that are able to explore fantasies and stretch their boundaries together with like-minded people in a safe environment.   


3. What’s the wildest thing you’ve ever seen at an Infusions party?


Infusions has seen many interesting nights where guests have fulfilled their ultimate sexual fantasies. It’s rewarding to see the most unassuming of people who are initially filled with nerves transform and lose their inhibitions. But as they say what happens at Infusions stays at Infusions. You’ll just have to come and see what happens here for yourself!


4. How have apps/sites like RedHotPie helped grow the swinging community and brands like Infusions?


Our business relies heavily on the professionalism of RedHotPie and the community they have built on their site. The ease of use of the RHP app allows us to promote our events, members to register interest so that we can extend invites, and also allows members to see which other members will be attending each event.  


We feel we have a symbiotic relationship with RHP as we provide a venue with style and class that RHP members demand and our events give members a neutral ground where they can meet in person with other members they have bonded with online. RHP also provides a good icebreaker and conversation starter at the club for guests who we often overhear discussing if they are on the RHP site, how long they have been members etc.


5. You’ve just announced the very exciting “Sexperience” events. Tell us all about those.


The Sexperience event is our first foray into unique boutique events for the swingers community. Sexperience offers a luxury weekend getaway that aims at allowing our regular guests a chance to enjoy a regional area of WA and gives locals that live down south an opportunity to meet like-minded people in their own backyard. We have found an exceptional location near Prevelly beach in Margaret River that offers 5 ½ acres of complete privacy and seclusion with million dollar views and sunsets over the southern ocean. This combined with superb facilities that include limited boutique accommodation, a 28m infinity pool, pool patio and BBQ area, spacious terraced lawns and room for on-site camping in a location that offers world-class wineries, beaches, and gourmet food on your doorstep will make for a relaxed event with options to suit all tastes and budgets.


Over the weekend we will have multiple events such as welcome cocktail party, Friday night sunset swingers party, a not to be missed Saturday afternoon poolside BBQ and foam party with 30m slide, and a Saturday night swingers event. Guests are able to join us for the whole weekend or pick and choose which events they would like to attend.

One of the events @ Southern Sexperience Weekend Getaway

6. What makes an amazing get-away for lifestylers?


We believe that an amazing get-away is created by the mix of people attending, the location and its facilities, and the quality of the organisation of the event. When all these components are exceptional they come together to create an amazing outcome. This is our aim for the Sexperience weekend. The location we have selected is exceptional and we believe that our methods of screening guests and proven ability to provide a well-organised and run event will ensure that the weekend provides an amazing experience for all attendees.


7. What other concepts have you got in the pipeline for WA’s swinging community?


We have been brewing some big ideas over the past few months and have many plans in the works. We plan to continue to schedule more regular boutique get-away weekend events in regional areas of WA with our next event already scheduled for June in Busselton. There are also plans in the works for a future event in Yallingup and we would love to travel up north to host an event in Broome. We also have plans for several new theme big production events at our Belmont location that will complement our already popular special events held at Easter, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.


We have many upgrades to the Belmont club planned that will enhance the functionality of the venue including the addition of more private rooms, change rooms and lockers, and a dungeon room. Our long-awaited membership program will also be launched this year with plans to reward frequent guests with unique members-only events and special offers. 


8. What’s the long-term look like for Infusions and how can people best find you?


Long term we want to Infusions to be an integral part of the swinging community and our future plans revolve around adding to the community by providing a great venue and using the support the community gives us to reinvest and provide better facilities and unique events and experiences. We have many venue improvements planned which we, unfortunately, cannot achieve overnight but we hope that guests recognise our commitment to the community in the continued upgrades we have made at Infusions club in the past year.


People can find us on the RedHotPie site and app, our Infusions Club Facebook page @infusionsperthswingers and our website at We use our Facebook page and blog to keep the community informed about our upcoming events and upgrades. The RedHotPie app and site provides a great place for our guests to network, join discussions, and register for our events.


Author's Corner

Christina Miller
226 articles

Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: May, 01 2019
Meme and my husband are new to this we tried a different club on Friday night but it was full of men and we are wanting to meet other couples we will give this ago next time
Posted: May, 01 2019
Meme and my husband are new to this we tried a different club on Friday night but it was full of men and we are wanting to meet other couples we will give this ago next time
Posted: May, 01 2019
Me and my husband are new to the this we tried a club last week but it was just full of men. We are looking to meet couples so will give this a try
Posted: May, 01 2019
Me and my husband are new to the this we tried a club last week but it was just full of men. We are looking to meet couples so will give this a try
Posted: Feb, 05 2019
My guy n me went for the first time last Sunday. We thought Sunday would be a bit quiter so that we could ease into it and it was. Having gone to another club the night before I really didnt want to repeat the experience because it was awkward creepy and just bad. But my man pulled the "its my birthday' card out and I begrudgingly went. Im so very happy he pushed the issue because the difference between the two was day n night. We were greeted by Julie the gorgeous bubbly beauty who put us at ease straight away making us feel very welcomed. The whole club was decked out in the way we had imagined a club like this should be . With great music in the back ground. We met some awesome people who ensured my man had The Best Birthday Ever ??. And yes even quiet reserved me had sooo much fun. So Infusions .......WE ARE HOOKED.... Thankyou so much for putting your hearts n efforts into this club so that like minded peeps can meet. Did I mention how beautiful the hostess was ?? Lol Absolutely can not wait until we visit again.
Posted: Feb, 05 2019
Its a wee drive into the city for us, but well worth it for a night at infusions. We love Wayne and Danielle's company and the sexy but relaxed and social atmosphere they have created at the club.
Posted: Feb, 01 2019
We have been to Infusions many times and always leave with a smile. We love the constant improvements being made and the effort Danielle and Wayne put into the Club. Looking forward to the getaway experience later this month, everything is booked and ready to go!!
Posted: Feb, 01 2019
We are seriously looking forward to our first visit on the 23rd of February!! Great write up!
Posted: Feb, 01 2019
Trip to perth in order i think...
Posted: Jan, 31 2019
We attend Infusions quiet a lot, either as a couple or single, we definitely think it's the best venue in Perth to meet good friends and new people. Danielle and Wayne are great hosts, the staff are brilliant, the venue is fitting for all sorts of entertainment. Highly recommended

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