Aussie swingers spicing up their sex lives

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Lawrence & Jess answer your questions about swinging, and how Aussies are spicing up their sex lives....
Swinging, swingers' lifestyle … how has it evolved in the last few years, how acceptable is it, and how is it viewed by society in Australia?

Backtrack 5 years and you would have never seen a segment on National TV openly talking about Swinging. Today, that's exactly what took place.

If you watched The Morning Show today, our associates, Lawrence & Jess, owners of Our Secret Spot (OSS) best swingers club in Sydney, made an appearance to talk about the rising phenomena of Aussies swingers.

Lawrence and Jess answered some hard questions on swinging, swingers and swinging clubs, famously.

Lawrence and Jess discussed the importance of establishing an honest and open communication. Almost all obstacles can be conquered when a couple can talk openly about their desires, expectations, fears and sexuality without fear of judgement. Swinger couples become in the course of their swinging journey, great communicators an aspect that 'pours over to other facets of a relationship' as Lawrence reveals.

Although swinging is not for everyone, swinging can strengthen a couple's bond, trust and communication with each other. Many swingers would go as far to say, "swinging is the true definition of unconditional love'. Swinging couples feel that there are no secrets between them and that they can have frank conversations about any aspect of their lives, especially about sex, an area that too often is in dire straits in relationships.

Of course, not all is rosy in the lifestyle, there are obstacles which most couples will overcome with open communication.

Jealousy, consent and fear of losing your partner to someone 'better', all are common concerns that come to mind when discussing Swinging.

One thing we need to remember is that these are all issues that aren't particular to the swinging lifestyle. These issues are common among all couples, opportunities and temptations are everywhere in life and more so if you are looking for them.

Feeling jealous, fearing your partner finds someone else are normal feelings, but what swingers couples might have that others don't is the ability to talk about these feelings of jealousy with candour.

Consent is another important aspect of swinging - nothing will happen without consent at any swingers club. So much so, that without it there wouldn't be swingers clubs. Surprisingly, you'll find that swingers have a high sense of respect for each other, more than what you'd see in ordinary clubs, respect and consent for each other is of utmost importance. No there's in no unsolicited groping and it's not a free for all policy. In swingers clubs, you have to invest time in talking to each other to establish what is a go or a no go.

Swinging can take couples on exciting adventures together, meeting all sorts of interesting like-minded people that you would normally never meet.

Swinging is fun, it's empowering, it's challenging, and it can strengthen the bond in relationships.

True to say that swinging is not for everyone, but if it works for you, it brings you happiness, fun, adventure and strengthens your bond, then enjoy yourselves.

Watch the clip below of The Morning Show entitled 'More Aussies are spicing up their sex lives at swingers clubs':

Furthermore, if you have any questions pertaining to swinging that you want to be answered, you have a unique opportunity to have them answered by our celebrity personalities, Lawrence and Jess.

Has swinging enriched your relationship? Has open communication helped resolve any issues with swinging?

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Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Feb, 21 2018
Fantastic segment. Such great ambassadors. Well done Lawrence and Jess.
Posted: Feb, 21 2018
Jess and Lawrence were so good on The Morning Show. Perfect advocates for the lifestyle.
Posted: Feb, 21 2018
Awesome article and interview

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