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Fulfil your secret kinky fantasies @ Twisted_Nights events....

It’s no secret that a lot of people are into the idea of getting a little kinky or indulge in some fetishes in bed. 

Just as people have different tastes in food and music so are there different ways to express, experience and enjoy one's desires and sexuality.

Kinky sex play used to belong solely to the sexual underground, but the past few years have seen it seeping more and more into the mainstream. Mainstream interest and curiosity peaked and it looks like interest in kinky play is here to stay.

But a lot of people although interested are stuck in the fantasy and being turned on by kink and BDSM but have no idea how to get started. 

That’s where Twisted_Nights come in, an event that provides a safe and consensual space to help facilitate kinky and BDSM exploration.

So we went ahead and asked HarleyQ & Mr.O a few questions for those interested in the world of kink. If kinky sex play and BDSM piques your interest, this is a good read for you.

1. You’re a very interesting couple, one a Dominatrix, one a Dom… so how does that work? Who gets to hold the whip in the bedroom?

Surprisingly, it works incredibly well, and there are no power struggles in the bedroom. We have an enormous amount of trust and respect for each other. Since we each possess a different skill set when it comes to domination, we've been open to trying things with each other that wouldn't have been an option in the past.

Dominus (Mr.O) introduced a "no-no" policy early in the relationship. In a nutshell, we don't say 'no' to each other... let me further explain. If one of us wants to try something new (that isn't a 'hard no' for either of us), we have agreed to be open-minded enough to at least try twice. If it doesn't work, we show each other the respect to not raise the topic again. Further to this, if we're playing together and something isn't feeling right, rather than saying 'no', or stopping, the person feeling uncomfortable takes the lead and steers play in a different direction. Maintaining the flow or momentum is very important for a great night of sex and debauchery.

2. How did you both come to the world of kink?

Domina (HarleyQ) - To be in control and assert dominance is something I've desired from a very young age. Meeting the right partner/person to allow me to be myself was difficult, but I've now spent the last 17 years mastering my techniques.

Dominus (Mr.O) - Dominance in the bedroom came more from necessity than anything. I've always had a very inquisitive mind, as well as a long list of things I wish to experience. Many of my early partners were unimaginative, so I took the lead and began fulfilling the thoughts and ideas I had. This steadily progressed deeper into a range of fetishes and practices.

3. How is the Kink party scene in Perth? What’s missing?

To be honest, the kink scene in Perth is very limited. Although the swinging scene is thriving, swinging isn't kink. People are essentially having the same sex, in the same positions, just with a different partner. We want the kink and fetish scene to be embraced and accepted as much as swinging.

Our focus is to provide a safe, sane and consensual environment, well equipped for Dommes, Doms and Submissives to be free of any social stigmas and be themselves in whatever capacity they desire.

4. You’ve set up a custom built venue for your Kink events. Tell us about how that came about and what people can expect from these events.

Having been involved in the scene for quite some time, we wanted to contribute by holding parties. Both of us own our own homes, so we decided to renovate one of them into a dedicated playhouse.


We've put in a lot of effort, basically stripping the house down to a bare shell and starting from scratch. Once complete, there will be anchor points throughout the house to which your sub/slave can be tethered, custom furniture including a coffee table with built-in cage, a bed complete with stock, a room which is a dedicated dungeon, etc.


Our parties won't just be for the experienced. We want to hold parties and workshops for beginners who want to learn and explore in a safe, non-judgemental, and supervised environment. We want Submissives to be aware of the difference between dominance and abuse. We want to teach that difference to aspiring Dommes and Doms. Consultation is critical, and not every Sub will be compatible with every Domme/Dom.

Go see the place for yourself on the 23rd of February we're teaming up with Sneaky Sins for an evening of Black Is The New Red Party.


5. What sort of role has RedHotPie played in your kink life, and indeed the community as a whole?

RedHotPie has definitely opened doors for us and has enabled us to meet and talk to people where otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity to do so. Providing the venue for RedHotPie's NYE Hollywood Red Carpet Party was an invaluable experience. Not only did it give 120+ people the chance to see our venue, but the overwhelmingly positive feedback has also given us the encouragement to further develop and pursue our dream.


6. What are the key ingredients for a great kink party?

The ingredients for a great party are simple - a discreet, relaxed, comfortable, well designed and equipped venue, free from judgement and prejudice.


7. What sort of people do your parties attract? Is it a pretty random mix?

We have so many ideas for parties, the list just gets longer and longer. We want to cater for as many people and niches as possible. Each party will have a theme, attracting a certain kink/fetish. These parties will not be an open invitation, and each guest will be thoroughly vetted to ensure compatibility. For example, it would be uncomfortable for a sub whose kink/fetish is bondage to walk into a party catering for water sports. We will be catering for everyone, but not everyone will be catered for at every party.


8. What’s the craziest scene you’ve ever seen in the lifestyle?

Domina - When I was in the UK, I went to an underground fetish party. There were people being suspended by flesh hooks piercing their chests, backs, legs - their tolerance for pain was out of this world. Afterwards, seeing these people having their skin stitched back together. At the same party, there were slaves dressed as horses, pulling chariots which carried their Dom. At the time, that blew my mind and excited me so much.


Dominus - I was invited to a house party many years ago which really opened my eyes. A woman was tied to a rack and was going through a process of orgasm denial. Over and over again she would be brought to the brink before her Dom would deny. At the time I'd never heard of medical play, but after watching this woman be denied countless orgasms, her labia was stapled together before she was untied from the rack. I spoke to her not long after and she said it was the greatest feeling of euphoria when the staples finally come out and she's allowed to climax. It's at this stage I learnt that pain could, in fact, heighten the sensation of pleasure - provided it was done correctly.

9. Could you each give us your three favourites pieces of BDSM gear/toys

Domina - I love my thigh high boots, my knives, and my braided flogger

Dominus - Pass me the rope, nipple clamps and wand...

10. So what’s the long term plan for Twisted Nights and how can people get in touch?

The long term plan for Twisted Nights is to develop the kink/fetish scene and lift the stigma which hangs heavily over the desires of so many people. There is nothing to be ashamed about, and the more we talk about these topics, the more people will realise they're not alone. We can be contacted at [email protected]

Do you have a specific bucket-list fantasy you'd like fulfilled? Would you go to a party that caters for that fantasy? Do you have any questions for HarleyQ and Mr.O ? Let us know below in the comments section. 

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Posted: Apr, 23 2019
Hello guy's.. The I factor is now a we, and in embarking upon his journey would like to give a shout out for any assistance and advice... Meeting etc.. Sorry for the short note, must run.. Roger Thanks in advance
Posted: Feb, 09 2019
Hotcouple. We would love to hear about what's on your F*^% it List" Let's see if we can cross some of them off for.you ??
Posted: Feb, 09 2019
Finally an event that caters for specific fetishes. We have so many on our F***it list. Can't wait for the Black party, sounds like it'll be wild.
Posted: Feb, 08 2019
We love hearing how people got into kink and BDSM and watching how they evolve and the change in their relationship ... it has drawn my dom hubby and I much closer than I thought possible. Cheers to kink!!!
Posted: Feb, 08 2019
Love kink as well and the play House sounds amazing .great to here the experince of Dom couple
Posted: Feb, 07 2019
Kink rocks

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