10 ways to get wild this Australia Day long weekend

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These 10 wild places are just the thing to make your Australia Day unforgettable...
Doing it in the bedroom is fine, but there are so many places to have sex that can make it even hotter.

Why not go a bit wild this Australia Day? 

We’ve compiled the list of steamy spots to do the deed, from being out in the nature, kitchen bench, cars, boat and beach…. Read on for some suggestions. PS no judgements.

1. In the pool

Wet and wild.

2. In the back of a car

Out in the open, under the stars? Get dogging in the mix. So hot.

3. In the plane

Perfect place for a quickie.

4. In the shower

Very sexy . . .

It can be tricky -  where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

5. On a boat

Get it on with the motion of the sea.

6. At the beach

Unforgettable fun. Just watch for the sand… it can get everywhere.

7. On the kitchen bench

Let the heat of the moment take you, even if right on the kitchen bench.

8. Against the wall

Wham, bam, thank you ma'am.

9. By a window

Enjoy some exhibitionism. Nothing like the thought of being caught to kick in that rush of adrenaline.

10.  Sexy outdoor romp

Frisky in nature. 

 Happy Australia Day 

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Christina Miller
225 articles

Writing interesting pieces about sex, the lifestyle and the different aspects of human sexuality is a challenge that Christina will endeavour to take. When she’s not blogging, she loves to exercise, watch movies and go to the beach whenever she can.

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Posted: Jul, 17 2019
Posted: Feb, 12 2019
Make more Anoriginal Aussie
Posted: Jan, 31 2019
Mmmm thanks I will??
Posted: Jan, 29 2019
My Australia Day long weekend was magical. I experienced things I have never done before. One of the suggestions here could have come to fruition if I had opened myself up to it. A lover offered to wash me in the shower. To pamper me and spoil me. I wish I had said yes! Because I know it would have been incredibly romantic and erotic, as well as leading to intense making love!
Posted: Jan, 27 2019
Aust Day fav. Keep you and your lover grounded, in touch with mother earth. Go for a nice drive to the bush/forest, find yourself a sequluded private spot and rig up the sex swing to a big old tree and ...........im sure you can work out the rest. xo
Posted: Jan, 27 2019
Lined up for beers in your stubbies,thongs,wife beater ,zinc protection on......fold the badass green n gold face painted pigtail wearing /southern cross branded very fuckfit looking fellow countrywoman that's been turning around smiling n eyefucking your cock to attention,press her titts against the 4 n 20 pie cart a pigtail in each hand ,patriot missile fired enroute navigating short slutty denim skirt and billabong gstring as shocked but pissed n weirdly proud onlookers start shouting "Aussie Aussie Aussie.....Oi Oi Oi!!" .....
Posted: Jan, 26 2019
You missed my favourite, on a train. There’s something about the rhythm of a train roaring along the tracks. First class on a long distance train journey is best. I can recommend the 3 day trip from Delhi to Madras, lots of time to Train. ????

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