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Top Ten Sexiest Curvy Models

Here at the Pie, we’re fans of flesh-flashing confidence at any size. Show us a curvy, delicious, hourglass figure displayed proudly and we’ll show you something that will get our hearts racing dangerously fast and our pulses rising even faster. We are absolutely loving that the fashion industry is finally starting to showcase these goddesses.

It’s clear that they’re more than just a pretty faces – these beauties are no longer being overlooked for their more petite fashionista sisters, who may be smaller in dress size but are no lesser in sexiness! So without further ado, here are our picks for the top ten sexiest curvy models.

Top Ten Top Ten Sexy Emojis

Emojis are a wondrous invention that can help get across the tone often missing in messages through metaphor and symbolism. Basically, they help spell out the things that you might be unwilling to say (or want to say in a more fun, inventive way) and can avoid any confusion or mixed messages! Here are our top ten sexy emojis (and examples of how to use them!).

Top Ten Sexy Australian of the Year 2017

It's almost Australia Day, which means it's time to announce the RedHotPie Sexy Australian of the Year for 2016/17, and what an announcement it is! Without letting the proverbial cat outta the bag, let's just say that this year's winner is a seriously sexy individual who has come out on top for a few spectacular reasons; and the other nine rounding out the list gave our winner some very stiff competition. So buckle up and dive into the Sexy Australian of the Year results for 2016/17

Top Ten Sexiest Male Olympic Athletes Rio 2016

We've already checked out the top ten sexiest female athletes, but what about the guys? From gymnasts to track and field stars, the boys are certainly holding their own in the hotness stakes at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Let's take a look at the top ten sexiest male Olympic athletes for 2016.

Top Ten Sexiest Female Olympic Athletes Rio 2016

We really appreciate the amazing feats of athleticism displayed by the best female athletes in the world...but we couldn't help noticing that some of them are also really, really ridiculously good-looking! Here are the top ten countries that we think are bringing the hotness to Rio for the 2016 Olympics. Ladies, stay tuned for the top ten male athletes list coming soon!

Top Ten Bouncing Boobs!

Our last Greatest Boob GIFs of the internet Top Ten was such a hit, we thought we'd do it all again, this time with a little more swing! So enjoy our latest and greatest, Bouncing Boob GIFs of the Internet Top Ten!

Top Ten Sexy Australian of the Year 2016

RedHotPie has once again taken the nation’s sexual pulse, polling members nationally to find out which Aussie oozed the most sex appeal over the last 12 months. The annual award is now in its seventh year and gives a big seductive ‘thumbs-up’ to Aussies who embody our sexiest attributes. The award goes beyond simple beauty; the nominees and winners also exude the gift of flirtatiousness and vitality in their attitudes and actions and this year’s winner is no exception... so click on through for the Sexy Australians list of 2016!

Top Ten Internet Boob GIFs!!!

We've been dying to do this Top Ten for months. Scouring the internet for content for this scintillating collection has been one of the highlights of our professional careers, and we hope you enjoy perusing these beauties as much as we enjoyed finding them. Rest assured we were very, very thorough in our search! We left no blouse unlifted, no bra unclasped. So enjoy RedHotPie's Top Ten Boob GIFs!

Top Ten Sexy AFL Players

Finals fever is in the air and with the Brownlow just around the corner, what better time is there than now to celebrate these super sexy sportsman? Check out our Top Ten Sexy AFL Players list and let us know who your favourite footy hottie is.

Top Ten Bisexual Female Celebs

Everyone loves a unicorn, right? Well these female celebs would be the sexiest of unicorns! These hotties have all come out – loud and proud – as being bisexual and loving both ladies and men. While some of them might not seem like much of a surprise, a few of them did come as a bit of a sexy shock to us.

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