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This story is part truth and part fantasy.
I sent an email to girl on this site asking if she would model for me, she replied that she would if i paid one of her bills for her, as she is super cute i said ok. We met one night at her house and i did some sexy but tame shots, which turned me on so much that all the way home i played with my cock fantasisng about her soft sexy naked body, mmmm. So i thought thats the last id hear from her but a cpl of weeks later i got a txt from her saying she had another bil and would do some hardcore ones this time. We chose a deserted coal mine that had an old house there, hich had some funiture left there.
i picked her up and we drove to the place where she proceeded to undress and pose for me, her body is so hot and she has the sexiest ass ive seen, my cock was so hard in my pants and she noticed that and told me to take it out and play with it while i took pics. so here she is on an old bed playing with her pussy, and fucking herself with a carrot and im taking pics and playing with my hard cock. I moved to the top of the bed and was leaning over her head to get some sexy shots looking down her body when she reached up and started stroking my cock it felt soo good i put camera down and reach down her body to her shaved pussy and started fingering her nice wet hole, she was moaning and moving her body to get more of my fingers into her. She then moved so her lips reached my cock and took my lenght into her mouth and sucked me , god it felt great. I kept fingering her wet pussy tilll it wanted more then just my fingers, so i moved around and got between her legs and used my tongue on her, she was very wet and i decided id make her squirt, so i started using my fingers to fuck her while pushing down on her lower tummy, almost straight away she got wetter and wetter and bucking more and more, till she came with a little moan and a small spray of pussy juices, i could tell she wanted more so i kept going faster and faster till she bucked and a gush of her sweet juices came squirting out all over the old bed leaving a big wet spot and her body could stay still, was so hot as she had never done this before. i stood up and wanked over her still wet pulsating pussy till i came and emptied my cock all over her pussy.
I then took a few more pics  finished and we got dressed and left

I cant wait for the next txt
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