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This story took place several years ago while I was in college. It involves myself (David), my girlfriend at that time was (Donna) and her roommate (Ren). Donna was short, about 5'2" with full 34C boobs, slim, medium length brown hair, about 105 lbs, dark brown skin and a cute ass. She shared an apartment with 2 other girls.

Ren was a very pretty girl. She had C cups, was short with short hair, fair skin, and kinda thickish but defintely not fat.

One afternoon after school, we went by her apartment to eat and relax. We were alone in the house and started playing with each other. I think it's worthy to mention that she gave the best oral sex I've ever had. She once sucked me for an hour without stopping making me orgasm about 10 times without cumming. And she cud handle all 8 inches inside her mouth. Anyway, we were making out and undressing each other when one of her roommates, Ren, arrived home. Ren called out "Donna, are you home?" But we didn't reply. We continued making out while she stroked me and I fingered her. Ren then knocked on the door, "donna u here?" (Our stuff was outside in the living room so she knew we were home). Ren said "are you guys screwing?" Donna replied "oh gosh ren yes, shut up and leave us"

Donna and I started having sex but our bed kept squeaking. After a couple minutes Ren said "can u two keep it down? I'm already horny, u two are not helping. we laughed and kept going at it. Knowing Ren was listening, we added extra loud moans and I pounded Donna a little harder to make the bed squeak more.

Then...bang bang bang, several loud knocks at our door "damnit guys, if ur gonna keep doing that as least let me in too." We laughed. "U bitches are laughing but I'm freaking horny, gosh Donna let me in, we can have a threesome" and she continued to bang on the door. Donna looked at me and asked "u think she's serious?" I replied "I dunno" so Donna said "Ren stop bugging us" Ren then tried to open the door but it was locked "bitch I'm seriously horny, let me fuck ur boyfriend!" Donna told me "u wanna have a threesome with her?" I said "umm, well if ur ok with it, I guess"

Donna got up and put on her robe and said "lemme see what's wrong with her" she pulled the covers over me and opened the door. She went out and was talking with Ren while I laid in bed naked and hard.

A couple minutes later Donna came back in the room dropped her robe and jumped on top of me, kissing me and rubbing her big boobs in my face. I muttered "what happened? Is Ren ok?" Donna then whispered in my ear "she's gonna come in just now, make sure u fuck the hell out of her. I want her to spread stories of how awesome u are in bed" I held her by her shoulders, looked at her and asked "u sure u wanna do this?" Donna replied "just don't make it a habit" and winked at me. She took my dick and stuck it inside her. I wrapped my arms around her and started screwing her and whispered in her ear "u are such a big turn on, I'll make sure to fuck Ren good" Donna started to moan as Ren walked in.

I pulled out of Donna and we both laid on the bed, "hey Ren" I said. "Wow nice cock David" she replied. Donna then stepped in "hey bitch, its all mine, I'm just letting u take it for a test ride" Donna got up, started kissing Ren and opened Ren's robe which dropped to the floor revealing her large breasts and big ass with a thong stuck in it. Ren pushed her off, and said "I'm here for cock." Ren pulled her thong off and put it in Donna's mouth then jumped on top of me and stuffed my dick into her and started rocking back and forth. She let out a satisfying moan as she slipped onto me. "Oh yess that feels soooo good" she exclaimed.

I flipped her over on her back, Donna sat on her face and held her legs up. I rubbed my dick on Ren's pussy only slipping my 2" thick head inside her every now and then. It was torchering her. "Oh shit, fuck me already David, I'm going crazy" she muttered while eating my girlfriend. Donna kissed me and told me "let her have it baby"

I drove my 8 inch dick all the way into Ren. She screamed "OHH YES! Fuck meeeeee" I rammed in and out of her over and over, again and again, my balls slapping her ass with each stroke. Donna came off of her and I leaned in on Ren, kissing her while drilling her. I pulled out, "turn over bitch" I told her. Donna sucked me a little then I slapped Ren's ass and drove my dick into her again. Ren started letting out a constant moan, cursing along the way holding onto the bed frame and starting to get wet with sweat. Her pussy was already leaking down both our legs. Donna stood back and watched me fuck Ren. I continued to drill Ren in that position for at least 10 minutes until our bodies were sweating. I pulled out, got off the bed, grabbed Ren by her hair and shoved my dick down her throat, I made her gag on it then let her suck. While she was sucking me, I pulled Donna and gave her a passionate tongue filled kiss while caressing her back and squeezing her ass.

Donna and Ren started making out on the bed and I got between both their legs and stuck my dick into Donna then Ren and back and forth one or two strokes each over and over. Ren was lying on her back with my dick inside her and Donna wrapped her legs around me so I cud eat her while I screwed Ren. I tongue fucked my girlfriend while I fucked her roommate. Donna came in my mouth and it dripped down onto my dick. She came off me and I gave all attention to Ren. I gave Ren a kiss and started sucking her tits. I put her thighs around my hips and dove into her again. I relentlessly pounded her. I leaned toward her and and looked at her face, moaning and saying she's gonna cum. She came with a loud "fuck yessSss, fuck me u horny  fucker, ohhhhhh." She was dripping with sweat and I pulled out of her. Donna push me down on top of Ren stuck my dick in her pussy and said "you're not done with her yet baby, u need to cum inside her" she pulled out of me and I layed Ren sideways, held one of her legs over my shoulder and fucked her again. She begged for me to stop. "Oh my gosh Donna, ur boyfriend is gonna kill me!" Donna said "enjoy it while u can, didn't u say u were horny and wanted to get fucked? Take a sample of what I get everyday honey" I rammed Ren as hard as I could then slammed into her and came inside her. I held onto her leg while I came in her and I let out a moan of my own. My body was shaking, I released such a huge load it started squeezing out of Ren while I was still inside her. I pulled out and laid down.

Donna got on top me and kissed me oh so passionately and whispered in my ear "I knew u wudn't dissappoint me baby." I was breathing hard and cudnt say a word. Ren then said "disappoint? Hahahaha omg disappoint? U lucky bitch

Hope you all enjoyed my story
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