We had a friend of the family staying with us out on our bush block. Her name was Helen, a well padded woman of about thrity, with a small boy in tow. I liked talking to her. She had had an interesting life, had travelled both here and overseas, and had had various adventures. I would often stand and talk for ages, and watch her nipples move gently under the tee shirt which was all she ever wore, along with jeans. Her hips were broad and her breasts large and pendulous, the nipples big, and Often i would harden. If she noticed the bulge in my trousers, she made no mention of it. But often i would hurry off then and there and bring myself off, thinking of her strong legs around my waist.
Then one day everyone else, wife and kids in other words, went into town to do some shopping and would be gone for some hours. Helen said she would have a shower and disappeared into the shower/toilet shed we had. I had an idea, and went to a place in the tin wall where one of the sheets of corrugated iron was loose, gently pulled it back and looked. Sure enough, there was Helen, standing under the shower, quite naked, soaping herself. I undid my fly and pulled out my hardening member and  stroked and pumped myself to utter hardness watching as she soaped her beautiful body, full and glistening, her breasts moving up and down as she worked. It was even better than I had imagined. Her bush was thick and black, her belly broad, with only a few stretch marks.
Suddenly she turned of the shower, wrapped a towel round her body just under her arms and walked to the sink, where she began combing her hair. I was crazy with desire, and on an impulse i went to the door and opened it. She looked round and raised her eyebrows.  "Hope you aren't embarrassed," I said. "Forgot a book here." She paid no attention to my ptently fasle excuse, but smiled and said, "I'm not embarrased. Are you." I was about to reply with some quip or other when she pulled off her towel and dropped it to the floor. "How about this then?" she said, and looked directly at the long ridge in my trousers.
"I turn you one," she smirked. "Don't I?"  I blushed, at a loss for words. "But don't go off this time and waste all that wonderful spunk in your bedroom." I stared at her in surprise. "Did you think I didn't notice my effect on you?" she said, her smile broadening. " If you're careful you can look through the bedroom window too, when you're busy with your tool, and not be seen." She gave a little shudder of pleasure. "Really brings me off if i watch you and play with myself." "Come on," she said. "If I'm naked, you can be too, or, " again she grinned, "Are you too embarrassed.?" Annoyed I quickly stropped of shirt and trousers and shoes and stood there staring at her, my member bobbing out in front of me. "Oh yes" she murmured and glided across, grabbed my tool and began squeezing it rhythmically. The seeing that I was getting really excited and not wanting to lose that load of white cum, she towed me over to the bath mat, got down on all fours and presented mer broad bum and her slitening, engorged piss flaps at me. I fell to my knees behind her, and grapped her hips, slid in. "Oh yesssss!" she groaned. "Fuck me boy. take me. Poke me!" But i did not. I stayed in her warm, tight tube and leant forward, held her tits, hefte them, teaked the nipples. "Oh come on! " She cried out. "Fuck me, you bastard! And so i did, gripping her hips and ramming in and out, harder and faster, not concerned abouty her pleasure, for I knew she would soon coume. She did with a great shriek of pleasure, then stayed there quivering as I rammed in and came myself, sending great gouts of hot white spunk into her lovely little womb.  I lay on her and we slowly collapsed, spooning, onto the floor. After we caught our breaths, she turned and lay in my arms, nuzzled up to my neck. "That was great" she said. "You're very big you know. Felt like you were touching my cervix. " She gave a sleeply little shudder then we got up, and dressed.
   Later that day when I was talkling to her, she reached forward and stroked my crutch. "Hm. I think we should go for a little walk." We did and found a spot under some pine trees and spent a good hour fucking. This continued till she left the block and went back to Perth, and then, whenever I had business there I would stay at her place, most of the time in her bed. Later she went across to Melbourne and now we simply exchange erotic emails or talk each other to climax on the fone.
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